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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Modelle's 4th Photoshoot

haha i'm really becoming quite an efficient, updated blogger these days.

thanks to the time i have in my hands to spare, and also the fast speed internet *whee* :D

had my fourth Modelle Beauty 50 contest's photoshoot today along with 4 others. the sweet bf was there with me, and the awesome pics are all taken by him :) muax!

after hair and makeup.

theme: Breakfast in Boudoir

our mini "photoshoot" while they were having the real ones.


okay sorry but, we really waited very long for my turn.
spent half the day waiting! thank God baby was there with me :)

with sweetie pie Caryn, aka, Khai Ling.

acting cute for baby's cam.
attire: the boyfriend shirt with tights.

i love this one :)
the hair effect!

this one too!

this as well!
my baby so geng.....
he shot all with my faithful canon compact camera :))

the photog commented that i looked like beyonce after i do my hair.
haha so i shall call it the "beyonce hair".
super hard to wash up after that! lost lots of hair... :(

we had some partner shots too!

natasha and i

the photog (jeffs, i hope i spelt correctly), and his "slave" (naleem, hope it's correct too! haha)according to herself. great team! :)

blessed to have a great experience like this..
though it is getting more and more "adventurous". haha.
will look back and smile at all these experiences and memories :)

christmas shopping tomorrow!
ipoh hor fun before that..haha goodnight loves!

*group hugs*
love, careen.


  1. You look so different! all the shots really like real photoshooting. boon so pro man! hahah.

  2. damn, you look so good careen ! me likey !

  3. I LOVE the partner shot!!!

    And is that Nalinder?? Nalin's the winner of Maybelline's Simply Fabulous competition! ^^

  4. [fib] yeap he is!!

    [manda] thanks dear :)

    [erin] ops! hahaha wrong spelling then! hahahah


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