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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Michelle's 21st :)

sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
sunshine on my shoulders makes me high!

love sunny, breezy days!
spend a few sunny, breezy days in JB few weekends ago.
i know, this super backdated! haha :P

MITC to pick up Moo, Mrs. Moo, and Kylie ;)

walk and camho plus bullying (means tickling, for Boon)

had a good 5-6 hours plus on the road. surprised i didn't sleep!
only superman like Boon can drive this long, work half day before that, and after we arrived still can bully me. aih....tsk tsk tsk ;P

a very nice Christmas tree taken by Boon at the lobby.
spot me! :P

we were all being hosted very very well by Mich and her family.
put two nights in Austin Hills, JB. super nice place!!
thanks a million to the generous Soh family! :D

super spacious and huge room where we could easily prac cheerleading and do basket tosses. i'm serious~ (kumar the drag queen style. hahaha)

supper! my favourite.
mich and adrian disgusted by some movie on the TV.
oh, plus the others behind them who were watching too. haha!

did some hang-gai-gai, eating, and drinking
(lost count on the number of glasses of milo-ping i ordered. yes, i'm weird like that).

the purpose of our trip:
the poolside birthday bash! :)
super nice i tell ya...

the banner and the princess of the day :)

my birthday note!

tasya my camho + sampat partner of the night. hahaha!!

awww so sweet ;)


double ewww.

triple ewwwwww.

the night ended late and we all crashed once we went back to our room. well, only some. haha!

went to church the day after, lunch, check-out, bowling, and headed back home.
stopped by at Malacca to drop Moo & Mrs. Moo. had some sinful street food. *glee* :D


yao-tou mien :)

went to have the life-changing, mind-blasting mango juice at the portugese square.

as you can see from the pictures, everyone got very happy and quite high. thanks to the life-changing and mind-blasting mango juice :D

happy alfred. hehe.

lovey dovey Moos. ;)

if you're happy and you know it, camho with me! :P

our lives were all changed,
our minds, severely blasted.

haha! i can still remember the taste of the mango juice.
man! you gotta try it at least once before you die!

maybe i'll open a franchise or better still,
steal their recipe and open one in KL. sure make money one. *dreamy*

all in all,
had a great roadtrip and most of all,
had a memorable celebration for my dear friend :)

happy belated 21st to you, mich! :)

dai-ko-lui-lu..when u getting married??
(boon's all-time fav question. i'm just getting influenced. heheh)

love, careen.


  1. hahaaa, i love love love this post so much. thank you so much Careen. Love you to bits!

    And we love u too, KYLIE (:

  2. eeeeeeewwwwwwww... i think the "double ewwwww" if worst that "triple ewww"... look at those expressions. yuck >.<

  3. [tasya] huh, kylie? what did you say, kylie?? :P love u!

    [mich] i love u too! :) *hugs* and we both love KYLIE too :PPPPP

    [sarah] ahahahaha yes u make sense!!! after looking and analyzing the pics i gotta agree...hahaha!! :P


  5. wow i love those pictures especially the one with me and boon <3


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