GA Script

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

GaGa ooh-la-la

because i ran out of titles.
because this weird song is stuck in my head.
because i haven't been blogging for far TOO long.

i'm back
, behbeh! :D

after the eventful past month which i've been away,
yours truly decided to squuze in time, and pick up her butt to resume blogging.

been hibernating for the past three weeks of holidays.
eating, sleeping, and slowly gaining weight. haha.

but the funny thing is, it doesn't matter to me.

i don't even know how to count calories for starters.
and i only weigh myself whenever i'm at the bf's because i dont own a weighing machine. havent been exercising since forever too!

well, guess i've come to a point in life where i'm just happy and comfortable with myself and how i am :)


1) Emerge Rising

was the cheerleading captain for MINT cluster's POS (Parade of Schools). after a grueling 2 months of unpeaceful and lack of sleep, compulsive eating due to stress, emotional meltdowns, high blood pressure (ok lah close to lah..haha), our team won the 1st place, 3 years in a row! :D

the full team *hearts*

Twillight: The Forbidden Love

2) Lex's Toni & Guy Hairshow
Lex has graduated and put up an amazing hairshow.
I was one of the models, and got my hair trimmed and colored :)

in the waiting room

with spencer & lynnette
three diff hair colors :)
Lex giving his speech

theme: Futurus; Hereafter
which explains the GaGa oufits and huge shoulder pads ;)

and this is my new look! tri-colored :)
love this picture.

3) Extremekars November 09 Issue

this is the coverpage for the November issue. super halloween-ish!
the rest of the pictures will be posted up some other time.

4) Modelle's Beauty 50

i'm still in the running for the competition all thanks to all the votes! :)
still need them to survive in the competition!

to vote, type

and send SMS to 36660.

thanks a million! :D

5) post POS shopping & eat-out
got Crocs & Everlast vouchers for winning Emerge POS.
shopping + eating + taking pics! :)

i love these fun-loving people!

CK model in front..don't mess mess!

Sunway Pyramid Christmas deco!

mich & i :)
happy belated birthday :')

there are so many more stuff to update and pics to post.
we'll have to keep em for another time.

time to sleep!
*group hugs*

love, careen.


  1. I've seen the POS video. You guys were awesome! :)

  2. Heyyy careen!! long time! hehe. i'm back after 3 months..congrats on the competition. u guys look great on pic! where do i find d video?

  3. Hi teacher! You should've went to Dance World's tenth anniversary. It was super fun. :) Your hair looks really nice btw. :D

  4. [jill] thanks jill! :)

    [evo] heys! u can find it on youtube..or my FB videos too :) and thanks! haha :)

    [yernie] hey dear..thanks :) i couldnt make it then..was outstation.. :(


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