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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

5 Years

"hey you"
that was what you used to call me way back, when we both knew there was something going on between, but we dared not admit, dared not talk about it, dared not question.

it always gave me a sweet, tingling sensation which makes my heart skip a beat.

"time flies when you're happy"

and that has been proven clearly throughout this course of 10 years that i've known you now. it all started with you bullying me in your own way which results in me laughing (which u still do up until now, similar style, never changed), to the sms-es, to the ICQs, to the late night whisper calls (got caught by dad a couple of times..haha).

then, came 'the camp' which started everything. it was so funny..i looked so ugly back then (yes, only according to me, you may say), but you still saw the beauty in me.

i must say that from the time when i was 14 till now that i'm 20, i have changed quite a bit.

in my thoughts, values, behaviour (more sampat and ignorant of criticisms..haha), interests, ambitions, and whatnot. but you still loved me the same, or maybe even more.

5 years. i still can't believe it.

we really made it through all the ups and downs, rain and storms, and tears and joy. did some silly mistakes, but we've both grown out of all the mess, and here we are today.

29 November 2004

was the day where two very nervous people sat in TGV Pyramid "watching" The Incredibles. after much struggles and give and takes (it was quite a weird way by which we sealed the "deal". haha), the both of us walked out the cinema as a brand new "one".

i know this is a very belated anniversary post,
but as the saying goes, "it's been late than never",
so here you go baby dear :)

here's a public declaration of love:

i love you.

love, baby buu.


  1. seeing you guys together really makes me go "awwwwwwww". so sweeet!!!!!!

  2. awwwwww, i want a gf like that too. Careen recommend please! =P

  3. [sarah] aww...thanks sarah :) when is your turn girl?? aussie hunk? ;)

    [pat] eh? i heard rumours that u have edi? tak intro only.... :P

  4. hahah. im still waiting! lol!!! dont want aussie hunk lah. later he dont let me come back to msia. HAHA!

  5. Really really very sweet and inspiring (:

  6. [sarah] hahahaha then that one is out edi..sarah HAS to come back! haha! :)

    [mich] thanks darling... :)

    [yi-vonne] aww..thanks too babe :)


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