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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


since my beloved asked me to update my blog, i shall then ;)
and since i have a few mins to spare, might as well just log in and say hi :)

been super busy! back-to-back, day-to-day. this will continue all the way up to Nov20, where Emerge POS (parade of schools = cheerleding) is over and my first sem finishes :D then it'll be hol hol hol!! :D

but til then, it shall be work, work and work all the way. been enjoying myself though i've been super packed. i'm enjoying my course though it gives us truck loads of stressful assgs; am enjoying leading my POS team though there are datelines to meet and so little time! my members are truly a joy..can't ask for more coorporative and crazy people ;)

nowadays, it's difficult to fork out time to spend with my loved ones. am out the whole day almost everyday..hardly ever at home. i think my body is also accustomed to the fact that it no longer gets much of its needed rest and pampering. but thank God whenever i get to spend time with my family, it is always quality time together :)

and not forgetting my beloved bro. bock ;)
have not been on dates for as long as i can remember. me having truck loads of assgs and him having super a lot of stuff to handle at work; me being MINT's POS captain and him being Local U Cluster Leader; and both of us being active members in church, we hardly ever get the time to go for proper dates anymore.

thus, this is when we gotta get creative, and not to mention sacrificial. the only time we get to spend together is in the morning. yes, around 1-2am in the morning. when our POS practices, leaders meeting, prayer meeting, cell groups, etc etc are over. he would sacrifice sleeping early, come all the way from home just to give me a ride home from POS pracs (plus the usual three- Phaik Chia, Justin and Sung too. haha).
he's so sweet :)

as much as we all anticipate the Emerge day to come, and the rest and holiday it brings when everything is over; i'm already saddened by the fact that i'll miss being always on the go, miss having POS pracs with my members, miss stressing out and thinking every milisecond there is, miss our little midight yumchas/chats at my place, etc..

guess this is life..and i'm enjoying every season of it :)

Modelle magazine second issue pic preview!
Theme: Pop Arts
Location: Palate Palette

p/s: blogging from Gloria Jeans in Parade. man, Lenovo screen is BIG! home internet koyakz. chao!

love, careen.


  1. well good luck in POS this year kay? =) hehee

    ps: choose la either advertlets or nuff..your earnings will be better lol

  2. hey careen, great job with the play. :)

  3. teacher careen, please update your blog more often!!!!


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