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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swedish camho appreciation

camho-ing in changing rooms;
girls do it,

and guys do too. nah don't lie!

those are just random pics i got from Google.
my point is, bloggers or even non bloggers nowadays camho in changing rooms whether they buy the clothes or not, or perhaps just to take pics as blogging materials. or perhaps to ask for their readers/ people's ideas on whether they should get the top or not, etc.

yes, i am not spared either ;)

and then, i came across this brilliant stuff!
yes, from again. they spill really interesting stuff.

Fashion blogs have become so popular in Sweden that a Stockholm department store has announced its plans to open up dressing rooms made especially for these fashionistas.

Advertising company Ruth and department store Kfem in Vällingby together came up with the idea of installing cameras in dressing rooms, where shoppers can have their pictures taken, which would be made available to be posted online right away. By the end of September, fifteen departments in Kfem should have the new changing rooms installed. "Our aim is to catch up on different trends," said Andreas Petterson, Kfem's marketing manager.

"The bloggers have a huge impact in Sweden these days, so it was an obvious thing to push through."Each week, the store plans to host an "Outfit of the week" campaign, where bloggers can agree to have their pictures used to advertise the clothes in Swedish newspapers. Though the models won't get paid for the adverts, Petterson stressed that cheap advertising isn't the reason for installing the new dressing rooms: "Certainly it's very cheap for us, but we are doing this for the fashion bloggers, who probably will get excited to see themselves in the papers.

"People who don't blog will also not be obstructed by these dressing room queues. Petterson said, "There wll be just one special dressing room in each department, and each store will make sure it won't affect anyone else."

like, uber cool, isn't it?
camho appreciation. it is a skill! and should be appreciated ;)

if only bloggers were put as a priority in Msia.
AND if only more people realised the power of blogging.
AND if only we weren't that ignorant and conventional.
AND if we were as innovative.
AND if.....
haahahaha but actually i'm not such a blogging enthusiast either. don't crave to get all the stats and recognition..this can be proved by the amount of post i have per week/month/year.

maybe there are just more meaningful things in life to occupy my time? i don't know. all these adverts and stuff just don't give me enough motivation to blog. the mood comes when it comes.

just don't see the need of obligating myself to blog everyday like some do, which i really admire their persistence. sometimes they even run out of things to blog about and it's the same old thing over again..which becomes meaningless. maybe am just not the type of person to force myself to do things that i don't want to, just because i'm "obliged" to.

oh well :)
how did i even get there? haha so, you guys get the whole point of my post today?

cos i don't. hahahaha sorry for confusing you.
blame the headache!

love, careen.


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