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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sam & Eunice's wedding

Sam & Eunice's love story is really one in a million.

How often do you come across two people
who've known each other for a whole 21 years,
been in the same class since kindergarten,
primary & secondary, and have been liking each other since...?

they went their seperate ways for coll & uni (which is when Boon got to know Sam as they were in the same uni), came back together, and their love still as strong as ever?

sounds like a perfect love story, ain't it?
well, maybe such sweet fairy tales DO exist :)

pre-wedding camho pics!
lacey stuff!

sunlight is a girl's best friend for camho-ing ;)

at church with loveen.
waiting for the bride, and the...groom? hahah :P

the kids! :)
Eunice is the HOD of Children's church. hence, the number of kids. oh, spot Melody my sis! :)

Eunice & her dad walking down the aisle.
this scene never fails to move me.

a very special ring :)

beautiful :)
especially her classic looking hairdo.

look at the gown! and the petals :)


emos :P

wedding bells!

some of the children's church teachers :)

am still wondering how brides i've seen so far havent cried like how i imagine i'd on my future wedding day. being in a wedding already makes me wanna cry.

especially when i see the anticipation of the groom waiting at the end of the aisle (yes, 27 dresses!), the tears of the newlyweds' parents, the ham-fok look of the bride, the adoring eyes of the groom...

okay i know i'm a hopeless romantic and drama queen. don't burst my bubble and just let me be... :P

i still have the classical, old-fashioned thinking that weddings are the start of a new chapter and should be anticipated and celebrated with loved ones, and that the wedding day should be made as beautiful and memorable as possible. we only wanna get married once, right? well, i do :)

okay enough on weddings.
post-wedding camho pics! ;)

picture perfect pictures :)


my baby this one :)

on a totally seperate non-related note,
watched Gamer today, and those blur super fast actions and super zoomed-in scenes aside, MAN, the whole movie was full of boobies and butt cheeks everywhere! and i mean real exposed boobies! t'was really a feast for the eyes for the guys man.

and yes i watched it in our very own TGV cinema. maybe Baldwin was right about the censorship people all balik kampung for Raya at all the movies. and man, all the words like F*CK was loud and clear throughout the movie too!

hmmmm maybe Msia is getting more and more open after 52 years. hahahaha :P
urgh assginments......................

*group hug*

love, careen.


  1. Wow! LeeZhu so pretty when shes bride!! :D was amazed by her love story too :)

    So when yours turn ya , careeeeen ;p

  2. yeap she was beautiful :)

    and nope, not so soon! hahahah :P

  3. i like your dress! where did you get it from?

  4. Hi Careen Love your Lacey dress ! You look so pretty in all pictures ! =)

  5. [supersara] hey it in Asian Avenue at Pyramid :)

    [ketty] thanks dear.. :)

  6. Careen, it's HANG FOK, not HAM FOK. ham fok sounds abit wrong. hahha. and wow, 21 years. it's a love story baby just say yes :D


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