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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Modelle's Beauty 50

okay, this is a SUPERRRR backdated post.

with so many things happening in my life (yes 2009 IS indeed a fruitful year for me), it really gets tough to sit in front of the comp to blog about every single thing that happens.

so yours truly has been a good girl, finished all her assignments (for the time being, assignments *sigh* they're neverending), delibaretaly sat herself down in front of the comp, and blog about this!

yes, i'm one of the contestants of Modelle's Beauty 50 :)

how i actually came across this was pretty random and spontaneous. just a day before the last day of registration (sending in our profiles and stuff), ErinW sent me a message regarding Modelle's Beauty 50 model search and asked me to send in my profile.

i did so, and almost immediately i got a call saying i got shortlisted, and was asked to attend the interview the day after. and after the interview, yours truly was officially one of the contestants of Modelle's Beauty 50. yes, things moved pretty quickly. haha.

Modelle magazine is set to be launched somewhere in October. this competition is i think a 6-month long competition (see it's been so long that i even forgot the details =.="). so, 50 girls were shortlisted. 10 girls who get the least votes for their monthly photographs will be eliminated each month.

this is a part-time flexible competition which is what i like about it. we send in our schedules on when we're free to do our shoots, and that's how we're grouped together for shoots in different locations.

for the upcoming first issue, there will be different photoshoot themes such as Roman/Greek, Nautical, Boho, Mod, and one more i forgot :P

for yours truly, her theme with 9 other girls will be the Roman/Greek theme woohoo! and the location with superb scenery and natural lighting would be none other than our very Batu Caves :)
nice right?

well, you have no idea how freaked out i was when i first saw the height and depth *gasp* of the location because:

1) i am not a big fan of outdoor and nature.
2) i have never been into Batu caves.
3) i heard there are bats inside.

man, how did i do it?

i actually feel weak looking back at the pics.
if anyone were to fall off the stairs or from the top..........

ewwww what's inside...?

but apparently to my surprise, the cave was quite clean and bright due to the sunlight :)

now that's me after my hairdo. say hie *waves* :)
i'm still wondering why hairstylists like to put my hair up like that. hmmmm....

and that's my own makeup.
haha it's funny, i was supposed to go for some clothes try-out thingy for my photoshoot, but apparently the msg came in late. so i actually went in the wrong day. and apparently one of the 10 girls for this first photoshoot couldn't make it, so i was there to save the day la basically that's my point :)

and yeah i'll end up being very proud of myself too cos i did my own makeup for the photoshoot and it turned out looking good :))

after out shoot. waiting for the rest to finish their.
that's me and one of the girls, joanne.

and this is my beaaaauuutiful toga dress by Madison Marcus which cost RM1499. and i had to climb the cave. felt so sayang for the dress! ooooo~ grey is my favourite color! :)

and this is me camho-ing to kill time :)

uninvited visitor.

special see-saw. hahaha :)

sharing is caring.
ok on a second look, it looks quite wrong. haha eh don't think songsang okay..

on the way back home!
the other girls :)

everyone looked sweaty and dirty and sticky.

i never got so close to nature before..had to literally climb and be touchy-feely with the soil of Batu Caves. and where i posed and had my hands on were full of bat/bird shit :/

and it took up the whole day.
from morning till night, which caused me and my darling's wonderful date to be cancalled. thank God i've such an understanding bf who supports me in everything i do :) *muax*

definitely once in a lifetime experience..because no way am i gonna go back there again :/ unless it's for another photoshoot because seriously that location was awesome! :)

can't wait for the first issue to be out! :)
and vote for me if you me ;)

love, careen.


  1. I ♥ u!! But u gotta teach us how ta vote.

  2. i love u too!! :D it's by sms voting..gotta spend $ wan lo..paiseh to ask ppl to vote :(

  3. woot! just found out your blog :) OMG. there were snakes there?


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