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Sunday, September 13, 2009

missing bro. bock

this is a pic taken by bro. bock.
love frontal pics that turn out pretty :)

if you're wondering who's this bro. bock guy i'm talking about,
i'm referring to my beloved bf :P

why brother bock?
let me unlock the mystery. hahaha :P

sometime back, Marie's mum got all mixed up with Boon Hock's name and called him Hoon Bock instead, and that's how the whole Bro. Bock thing came about. hahaha and i think it's really bock :P

well, i've got a confession.
though it's very often that he travels offshore, for meetings, trainings, i even lost count hehe, by right i should have gotten used to him being away.

i may hao-hao-seng-seng say i'm used to it, but actually i still miss him each time he's away. this time it's worse cos we just had such a fun weekend at Genting. and now, he's on the plane sleeping i think. won't be coming back til the end of the month or more :(

almost 5 years of being together, people often ask me if i ever get bored in this relationship. and my honest answer is no, i am not and i have never been.

one of the reasons is because we have so much fun when we're together all the time. though we're 4 years apart, we can click well and have never run dry of things to talk about, even up till now. another reason is because he is such a great listener. he's really the best friend :)

as i was alone in my room today, i pondered on our relationship for the past five years. after all that we went through, we're now at a considerably comfortable stage. enjoying every moment we spend with each other without objection from parents, dramas etc etc. and i really treasure every moment.

and thinking back, i really feel that he improves himself as a bf, as an employee, as a son, as a brother, and as a friend by the day. i wonder how he can be so thoughtful and giving to the ppl around him all the time. yes, still wondering after so long.

no wonder my sisters lurve him too :)

well, people say that you won't miss someone that much when you bury yourself with work, events, stress. let's see if it works. hmm :(

individual drama assignment on tuesday 8am (what a time! *yawns*), some critique assignment due on friday, and many more to come which i don't even wanna think about. well, maybe i should start thinking so that i dont miss bro. bock that badly :(


big girls don't cry :'(

love, careen.


  1. Hey Careen! i was here! :)

    "awwww..." is the only word expression could be used to describe the relationship between you and your bf.
    so sweet-nya! :)

    oh btw, just to let you know that the critique assignment is due on the 5th of Oct.
    not the coming friday ya!



  2. hey sweetie :)

    awww...thanks dear :) and oh! thanks for letting me know abt the critique thingy..great! :) see ya in coll tmr! :)

  3. how sweet! your little sisters - r they twins? soooo cute, just like u! what r u studying? i still miss our class at TL! Kehching

  4. hahaha, all guys in college all got no chance to chase you d! Good luck in modelling thing!

  5. [kehching] hey sis! good to hear from u! i'm doing mass comm degree in taylors now..just started my first sem :) nope they're 1 and a half years apart!

    [nia angel] hahahaha thanks JQ! :)

    [seraph] hahaha yeah ;)

  6. d pic of ur bf n sis looks so cute...
    it's like those 'hang fuk' jie jie, her bf n mei mei thing


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