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Saturday, September 12, 2009

DCOH 09 Genting Trip!

first and foremost, i would like to congratulate myself for having the patience to upload these photos onto this page. *pats self on shoulder*

there are seriously truck loads of pictures ahead, so happy scrolling ;)

introducing my carmates :)

they make anywhere fun seriously :)

ahahaha okay u can skip this one.

my goofy funny bf who never fails to make me laugh :)

submitted my assignment before heading to the clouds. Taylors PJ's bubble tea and waffles rocks my socks like nobody's business!

they keep me alive in the freakin hot campus.

whee~ :)
after going to Genting for so many times now, i never fail to be excited as a kid each time i'm nearing there :)

and this is one ridiculously magnified picture of myself. don't be scared, i don't bite ;)

forgot to zoom out from the previous pic taken and this is what i got. hahhaa quite geng also ar can get in frame ;)

in the moment. just HAD to camho la...

i was really in the moment, but i dunno why the other two seemed to be pretty cool and calm. haha.

the gateway to lots of fun in the cool air!

checking in.
these two looked hopelessly scandalous.

paparazzi shots below:

this one's candid.

this one is not.

my butt looked ridiculously huge. but u all know it isn't in real life.
and no, it's not more huge okay.


super cute clip-on mini hats!

girls will be girls...

kenny's breasts! hahaha funny...

last thumb prays...

my amazing camho skills :D

passing time.

cheryl, cheryl....

adam in drama mode.

Dance Crown of Honor 09 Semi-finals between Msia & Spore :)

passing time in Straducks ;)

the ambassador! ;)

boon's famous pinky :)

Gladys focused...

Cheryl missing Mr. Mu.

during the interval.

the LU cluster leader on far right ;)

*loves* :))
credits to Gladys.

hahaha purely posing la no PDA :P

random shot.

the emcee who got everybody confused.

the happy finalists.

love it :)

post fruit punch high.

one of my nicest eating photos by Gladys.
hahahah sigh..

super cool.

the day after.
Good morning :)

yo yo. waiting for the lift. and posing.

on the way for my favourite Coffee Bean bfast!

super windy outside!

in the moment again..
Gladys too. hahahahah :PPPP

wind!!!!!! back in KL no nice wind :(


and Gladys took bus 11 home.

lonely. hahahah :P

looking at the solero (correct spelling?) shot ride thingy.
will never go on that!! i think.

and she's back for her bfast with us. hahahahah :P
egg club!

BLT with cheese!
urgh miss working in Coffee Bean and all its sinful gourmet dishes.

my bank :P

our brunch!

the super filling chic and mushroom fusili!

afterwhich the weather got too cold to survive in (for me cos apparently leggings dont help), we drive down to the hot and humid KL :((

awesome weekend.
thanks darling...

sleeping time!
*group hugs*
love, careen.


  1. that's the Ed Hardy shirt u got for yr boyf? =p

  2. =)

    aiyerr....sweet betul la u both...jealous

    ur camwhoring skill ah...serious can get masters wei...XP

  3. [pao] yeap it is! :)

    [meiling] ahahaha ur not bad yourself ;) awww thanks..maybe next time i'll be the one jealous jealous le.... ;)


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