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Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunsilk Press Launch!

okay i am so lazy to edit pictures and whatnot!
have lots of stuff to update. sometimes i confuse myself up with what's ahead!

anyways, hello again my loves! :)

had my first acting job during Sunsilk's Press Launch yesterday! with no prior practices and rehearsals, it was really exciting to just do it there and then! good thing was that my skit partner was dramamama Pui Kar who is a natural actress and a dear friend. that made things much easier as we had chemistry and flow with each other :)

last minute practice behind the curtains.
Gladys' huge pink Forever Friends' PJ sets were put into good use and in the media spotlight! hahaha :P

basically it was to promote Sunsilk Conditioner. i'm actually already a user of Sunsilk's shampoo & conditioner. love that it smells sweet and gives me nice hair :)

so this is how the story goes:

my BFF wakes me up from my beauty sleep and i realise that i will be late for a job interview. changed in a matter of seconds (stripping off my giant pink Forever Friends PJs which has my interview clothes inside), but with horrible, messy hair.

but, i can get my hair done in only 1 minute because i condition my hair 1 minute everyday to get 3X softer and smoother hair (wahseh i still can remember my lines!). and in the end i look great for my interview and the end :)

really enjoyed this experience! it was just different acting in front of the media and numerous photographers who began snapping away once the curtains were opened. great experience, great people and great pay, all thanks to MYC! and of course, Puiks for the job opportunity :)

oh, if you're wondering what's Sunsilk gotta so with the Eiffel Tower, click HERE!

sarah lian was there too! hot!
wheeee was totally glad she enjoyed the skit! :)

me, puiks and ellyse- writer for MYC!
thanks Ellyse for the pick-up early in the morning!

puiks and i.
(psssst she's still single)

the after-drama drama. (??)

the boss- jason ko. founder of MYC!
really nice person :)


classes were cancelled on that day too! love ms. natasha! :P
i went home a happy girl :D

the end.

love, careen.


  1. whoa awesome!!! lol! was it a live drama thing or was it a video shoot??

  2. babes..efficient blogger. my blog died for one and half months.. lol

  3. i just realised you have really nice hair omg =X

  4. [sarah] it was live..stressful!! but pui kar made it much easier la :)

    [puiks] hahaha update! i always go back but no updates :(

    [jiashin] hey girl! thanks..u look extremely gorgeous :)


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