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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

PC Fair + Semi-Deafness

PIKOM PC Fair 09
31st July- 2nd August

taken by baby. how brilliant. his unshakable hand :)

those were the few days which i gained some experiences, extra cash, and also extra strain on my health. i had bad throat inflammation, remember? and that was when all the rest came tagging along- cold and all, and also the new kid on the block- ear pressure.

let me explain further.

using Careepedia (which only applies to Careen Tan Xin Yi alone):

The Ear Pressure Symptom is caused by throat inflammation. The heat in the body gets too overwhelming and has to be let out through either one of the "exits" or "holes" in the body. And it is then let out through the left ear. But, it is not let-out immediately. It could take up to 2-weeks, 2-months, or even 2-years (okay,let's hope not).

So while the heat is still in the body and the pressure is ON, the left ear is semi-deaf. It is just as when you get off the plane and you get pressures on your ears. But this is just the left ear. It is not similar to that of the plane-pressure which lasts not more than 3-weeks usually. The difference is that this ear pressure is coupled with sharp constant pain, beat-throbbing (i could hear my heartbeat in my left ear for a week now), and semi-deafness as i mentioned.

So, you can imagine how fun it was working in Hall 1 with thousands and thousands rubbing shoulders, arms, boobs (??? don't know, too distracted by the Ear Pressure), butt (??? hope not...), with people sneezing and couging in your face.

Also, not forgetting the constant noise pollution. Hall 1 was not carpetted like the Ballroom so it was much noisier, and crowded, and everything worse. Except for the fact that it was not as freezing cold like in the Ballroom.

Until now, i'm still semi-deaf. slowly but surely recoveing. Till then, do speak a little louder to me and be lovingly patient if i'm unable to answer your questions properly.


You: Eh Careen, how are you??
Me: I'm 20 years old :D
You: =.="

Boon: I love you....
Me: Huh???? What??
Boon: =.="

Lecturer: When i talk in the front, nobody else is allowed to talk.
Me: Excuse me, miss, can you repeat what you just said??
Leturer: =.="

hmmmm......please don't despise me bcos of my semi-deafness :(
please be patient and loving :(

now i definitely know how my ah-gong felt last time. it was always irritating having to repeat every single thing we say to him even when it was at the loudest volume. but can't hear means can't hear la...not nice to not being able to hear.

especially when you're sampat like me who likes to talk and listen to gossips. muahahahahaa :P now eavesdropping is definitely out of my radar, so, no fear, everybody.

oh right, this post is supposed to be about PC Fair.
hahahaha long story short, if not for the money, i would have long given up the job at the first hour. throughout the 3 days, i was this close to fainting (which many girls did).

But i managed to complete it..thanks to my parents' love & of course,
my personal body guard who protected me from all danger and harm :)

during my break.

on the way home.

it's sweet when you help me take off my stinky killer heels and help me put on my Roxy Flipflops whenever we go for my break. thanks for feeding me with so much good food though they're making me who i am today- fat. thanks for all the hard-sayangs. thanks for all the waiting and waiting and doing-nothings. thanks for all the cheering up and cheering on.

love you. couldn't have done it without you :)

there were almost 30 photographers who took my photos,
and poor me only managed to get ONE miserable, tired looking photo out of the lot. hahhaha so here's one for you.

i hate that green.

anyways, catching some beauty sleep.
g'nights and *group hug*

love, careen.


  1. You look great! Too bad this time I didn't get to go to PC Fair to see you... hahaha... eh, how much were the netbook selling? Isn't that eee pc?

  2. maybe there are pics of you..hmmm

  3. I seldom go to PC Fairs these days, too crowded!

  4. [neo] hey..thanks! :) hmm yeap it was eee pc..the one in the pic was selling for rm1699 :)

    [yatz] yea..let me know if you see them around! :)

    [irenelim] yea..actually it's really crowded. can get really sien for ppl like me who know almost nuts about comps :P


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