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Friday, August 7, 2009

life-long hair dilemma

greetings from malacca!
arrived this afternoon and guess what, due to the extremely bad haze here, dad's decided to make an early departure first thing tomorrow. haha we almost mistaken this historical town for Genting Highlands for all the "mist" in the air.

was watching Glamour's 25 Most Stylish Faces on E! in the evening (yes, that's what i usually watch when i have nothing to do). most celebrities when asked which feature of themselves they love most, they would say their eyes (normal), lips, hair, dimples, boobs.

which got me thinking, what is my favourite feature?*hmmmm narcissism time* ;)

*twirls hair with finger*hmmm...i would say my no.1 favourite feature is my pair of eyes :)
that is why i always love to experiment with eye make-ups more than anything else. when i say eyes i include my full eyebrows, long eyelashes, big, black eyes.

but the most important feature to me is still the hair.
to me, if you have a gorgeous face but ugly hair, it just spoils everything. your hair makes or breaks your overall look. it defines your image. a change of hairstyle, and voila! you seem like a totally different person altogether.

i love my hair to bits. its fullness, natural jet black virgin color, texture and everything. but i kinda want to have a change (like really, a visible, obvious change) from having long hair.

but i can't find the guts. maybe not yet. the only bold change i've made for the past 5 years is probably having bangs in the front and that's about it. maybe i just love my hair too much that i just feel insecure without them. i love to feel my hair around my face, neck, back, body, remember?

*sigh*someone donate some guts.
i want a hairstyle that defines me. a hairstyle that is still 'careen'. i've a few styles in my mind for a long time now, and if i find the guts eventually, i'll know straight what to do with my hair.

charlize theron is beautifuuuuul....anyway, have been coveting this hairstyle for as long as i can remember. love the whole clean, feminine feel to it. gives a very delicate look. i love :)
love Rihanna's hair too. feminine yet edgy.
but wouldn't wanna have it cos it's too common.
same goes for Posh's bob hairstyle.
okay i'm getting picky. but wouldn't wanna have a super clean and neat cut too. i love the feeling and security that when the wind blows, i know that my hair still looks great and flowy. if i have that clean, tidy hairstyle and the wind blows, am pretty sure my hair will fly in all directions and look messy instead of sexy.
wouldn't wanna have a short, boy cut too. ever. i am just not adventurous like that. i love the feeling of having hair sweeping across my face and neck, and not sticking to the back of my neck like, literally and immovable.

this is a prefect example of how an unsuitable hairstyle can break your look. hahhaha! not everyone can pull off a short center-parted bob. not even Jessica Simpson. she looked lost. like she just arrived from another planet. it just doesn't suit her. maybe she only suits her blonde, curly long locks which looks slutty.
unless you have such sharp, beautiful, gorgeous, breath-taking, mind-blowing face as Agyness Deyn (i adore....), don't even try this hairstyle! it takes the right attitude and personality to pull it off, and sadly i don't. i'm just too sweet ;)

have never been a fan of big, super duper curly hair too. i think it wouldnt suit me. have always been a bigger fan of long, straight/wavy flowy hair than big, super duper curly hair which doesn't look nice when the wind blows. in fact, it looks ridiculous when the wind blows (in the same direction especially. hahaha!!)

sweet as i am (cheh wah, haha bear with me okay...), i still find that i don't suit 'Asian Hairstyles'. like Jap or Korean hair. it's just not me. i am actually not such a cute type so i'd feel disgusting if i have a cute hairstyle like these.

they actually look nice, but i just don't feel that they suit me.

needless to say, crazy gothic emo punk hair is not even an option.

am i too picky or am i too boring?
or maybe i'm just a girl who sticks to whatever's comfortable and prefers to embrace my own style and whatnot.

i don't know. maybe i should just stick to long hair for the rest of my life.
forever and ever.

love, careen.


  1. you should go for the charlize theron one!i can imagine it'll look real nice on you ;)

  2. I agree! Middle length hair will suit you =)

  3. [anon] heys! thanks! i personally love the hairstyle a lot :)

    [cassandra] really? thanks! hopefully it'll make my face look less chubby. hahaha!!! :P

  4. i think u should have the guts and cut ur hair short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gals like u looks great wif SHORT HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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