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Sunday, August 16, 2009

KL Photography Festival 09

been busy this weekend with this!

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2009
in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre :)

Sat- 15th Aug 2009

brought my camera on Sat but left the batteries charging at home. sigh. so, only pics when i'm back home :)
love the hair and body art!
super colourful makeup though!

okay i'm not advertising Nippon paint.

after all the makeup was taken off.
couldn't actually go to church with THAT makeup,
looks scarily colouful off-stage! haha :P

Sunday- 16th Aug 09.

my second outfit. backstage :)

credits to Gladys :)
she should have participated in the photography contest!
without a huge dslr though. haha.

well-prepared photogs.
now i know how they looked so tall from the stage ;)

my ever-supportive parents.
you never fail to shower me with love..
thanks dad for all the fetching around :')

after the show..Fujifilm booth.

Gladys managed to capture a pic of me among the sea of photogs :)

the 5 models for the Photography Contest.
Cheryl, Ava, Venus, Rhea and myself :)

with our makeup artist. she was the one who did all the amazing body art :)

ava- million dollar smile :)

haha i know cliche pose but i like ;)

look at the body art! loveeeee..... :))

me and Gladys' favourite pic :)

vivian who took such good care of us :)

went for the Amazing Thailand exhibition next door.
Mel & Charity each got an umbrella :)

below: self-shots that u might not be interested.
and excuse the heavy make-up! :P

great experience plus nice people whom i worked with :)
almost got blinded by all the flashes but it was fun overall!

will post up more pics when i get them :)

*group hugs*
p/s: miss my baby like crazy........... :'(

love, careen.


  1. beautiful... :) you are a great model.

  2. Good job. Keep it up. Oh btw, the body art is seriously good. ^^

  3. omg your little sister melody reallllllly looks like you!

  4. Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Aisehh i wish i was there careen! i would've snapped u like crazy and given u all the pics xD

    body art on u looks great. so nice.

  6. [antonia] aww..thanks girl :)

    [marcus] heys..thanks! :) it..felt so wasted when i had to wash it off :(

    [supersara] hahaha yeah..she IS like me in terms of personality too :)

    [irenelim] thanks girl! :)

    [evo] aww..thanks evo :) yeah i guess u'd really enjoy urself if u were there too :)

  7. U look fantabulous in those dress Careen.
    I'm sure u had lotsa fun. Btw, I know Rhea too ! *wink*

  8. [leonard] haha cool! i'm not surprised u know know a lot of ppl ;) yeah i had fun..thanks! :)

  9. Not bad you're model there. I missed Louis Pang's speech that time. :(

    By the way, link me xD

  10. Hey!! JQ here. Know me?? sure dont. hahaha. Found your blog. Cool body art!

  11. you secretly don have a cbox do u ? HAHAH

    mei here by the way. not some random stalker.

  12. [victor] hahah okay :)

    [nia angel] hey of course i remember you! linked u :)

    [happypig] hahaha i openly dont have a cbox :P hahha happy pig! what a cute name! linked! :D


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