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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i *heart* my cell group

i realised that i don't usually talk about many areas of my life in my blog, and one of them is my cell group/cell group members.

so this post will be dedicated to all the beautiful + sampat people of E11 :D

my first day of orientation.
had a heart-to-heart with michelle in her place :)

after so many tries.....
hahahah tired edi la that's why can't take nice pics :Pp

paper-musical-chair game we played.
spotted a girl who looks so much like Gladys on one of the papers!!

this is the crazy fun we always have :)

on the way for Snowflakes!

Beeping UFO.
super cool! technology never fails to amaze me all the time. probably bcos i'm purely a noob in anything tech-related. it's already a miracle that i managed to single-handedly set up a blog! hahahaha! :P

our Beeping UFOs.
when they blink, we know our orders are ready for pick-up :)

fibiee & michelle

with mich!

the two princesses- charissa & andrea :)

where's the third princess, reg??? *sniffs* haha!
that's me going jakun when the Beeping UFO finally beeped.

but it's super cool don't you think??? :D

michelle & fibiee :)

the Bestsellers. highly recommended :)

Delvin polluting the Bestsellers!

this is considered a decent picture.
how sad..i always kena ugly candids. hahahah!

feli & vijune.

Delvin and Fibiee's Lime-Ice-Something-Something
which looked damn appetizing!!

and we shall end with an extremely beautiful shot of yours truly.
credits to: Delvin Chung.
these are the people (plus Regina. hehe) that i see at least twice a week,
and never fail to laugh and have fun with i'm with them.

i *heart* all of you :)
*group hug*
love, careen.


  1. don't 4get miss very honourable!!!

  2. who's miss very honourable?? :)

  3. These desserts look nice, where is this place?

  4. my name is in pink colour! yayyy :D

  5. Nice post, jie! I heart your cellgroup members too! Haha... :D


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