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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clubbing Face

some pictures from Gala Dinner by Cheryl
i love this whole red carpet 'feel' :)

i love this too :)

meet my new best friend- predicted by Delvin's BFFbot on FB. haha! :P

i have a question.
Do i have a clubbing/clubber face?
okay i know the question sounds silly but really, this is becoming a serious issue. as soon as i entered college (today is the fifth day if orientation counts), i have been meeting people who are shocked that i'm not really keen in clubbing, and that i don't smoke. and do drugs. and have lots of BFs. you get the picture.

i'm not talking about occasional clubbing type of clubber face, but like, clubbing every-other-night-as-if-clubbing-is-my-reason-for-living type of clubber face, you know.

same goes, do i have a smoker face?
if there is actually something like that. (??)

to simplify my question,
basically i'm asking, do i have a bad girl look/face/whatever you call it. or rather, a bitchy, slutty, bimbo/whatever else you call it face.

cos people (quite a number!) get shocked (serious shocks) that i am not a clubbing-enthusiast, smoker, etc etc. and they end up questioning me several times before believing me, and i turn out trying to convince people that no, i am not.

i mean, i have nothing against clubbing (at all), and it's acceptable if you smoke, i won't marginalise you, but i am just not like that. and it's just as simple as that.

it's not as if i walk around everywhere looking like this.

ok la. i don't know which part of my picture looks like i'm a clubbing type but okay...i just like that picture bcos i am the girl in the picture and best of all, i took that picture ;)

omg, i absolutely have no problem complimenting myself.
*pats self on shoulder*
i think i can be pretty sweet too *pats eyelids* ;)
this pic is one of my favourites. hardly get a picture which has me smiling without looking chubby. hate looking chubby. yes, i just don't wanna accept the reality :P

so those of you who have known me, or seen me not just in pictures but in real life, did you get the idea that i had a clubber face/etc etc when you first met me?

and those of you who stumbled upon my blog, have only seen my pics and not in person, do you think i have a clubber face?

let me know people!
i'm on a quest to solve this mystery.
love, careen.


  1. Nah you don't. Haha dats cuz i know u thru flesh not thru technology. XD so i donno whether my opinion on ur clubbing face is true or not...XD

  2. I think that.. you do have a lil clubber face Careen. But that's fine! very fine! I mean, many girl clubbers try to be like you but they can't! Don't worry too much about what people say (:

    & one more thing, girls around are normally :
    1.Clubber Face + Clubbing habits
    2.Angel face + Good girl habits.

    Good guys like me *cough* wouldn't like :
    3.Angel face + Clubbing habits

    But now,
    4. Clubber Face + Good Girl habits

    coz, Clubber Face is actually pretty and sexy look (:

    haha. I mean, girls like no.4 are just priceless. So, you don't have to worry anything about it Careen, you just need to worry and ready to handle millions of admirer in college. :P

    Just my opinion okay, don't hate me (:

  3. your alter ego when u act as the bimbo in sjc rocks has...haha.

  4. Not really clubbing face... but more like pretty face!

  5. I'm one of those who "stumbled upon" your blog very recently... like 2 days ago. I return because you have suduko embedded at the end of the page. LOL!

    Anyway, in response to your post, IMHO, attractive people generally attract a lot of attention, thus leading to everyone wanting to be your friend and invite you out to do fun stuff. I guess clubbing is very much the fun thing for most people 18-30 years of age. And, smoking is just a spin-off from that. Go figure!

    Long story short, people get that idea because you're attractive.

  6. I wouldn't say you have a clubber/smoker-face. More of like an EVIL face! Haha... But nevertheless, like what Kian Hui said - you shouldn't worry about what other people say. Just continue to be yourself like how you're doing now! ;) So what if you have CLUBBER-FACE? It's not a sin.

    You're beautiful no matter what they say. :)

  7. You don't really have a clubber or smoker face at all. You look very good girl to me, those who always hang out in shopping malls instead of clubs or pubs.

  8. [nat] okay....hahaha!

    [uKen] hahaha well, at least i know you don't. haha probably bcos i look more like a sleepy-face back in school :P

    [kian hui] awww...that's such a sweet analisis you made! thanks bro..i am flattered :)

    [nickey] hahahah!! yeah i agree she had!! :P

    [irenelim] hey girl...thanks! that's really sweet :)

    [mervyn] hey, welcome to my blog then! :) and it kinda feels sad to know that the reason you came back is bcos of the sudoku.. *huhu*

    haha anyways, thanks! that's really nice of you :) glad you enjoy the sudoku ;)

    [gladys] hahahaah i have evil face bcos i'm your sis! haha but awww.....thanks my sweet sis :')

    [cassandra] hey! thanks...i am quite a good girl. haha looks like you managed to see thru me ;) cheers!

  9. Nope, i don't see clubbing face or smoker or whatever it's since I met u on stage. What I see is a girl who is engaging the people around her with CHC's culture. I believe people like you would bring lots of friends to church. That's what I did many years ago back in my hometown (KK) but unfortunately the senior pastor dislike the way I dressed and my hairstyle (stopped but u know what I don't copy others). When I was in CHC S'pore (previously I worked in S'pore), people would accept who you are and people seldom guess u r a kaki clubbing.

    It's beutiful culture you have there, keep it up!

  10. Ah City Harvest.. I visited when Pastor Pat did a talk there on relationships. First time I heard so much talk about sex & money at church. LOL! Awesome!

  11. [college's life] thanks nelson! :) yeah i definitely know what you mean. and yeap i'll just keep being the way i am ;)

    [mervyn] yeah it was really awesome! really enjoyed his services :) hey, what's your blog add? can't access your profile :)

  12. think i've got it fixed. try again. :)

  13. i was here!! haha no la u don have that naughty gal look la..haha n u r a very nice person!!
    see u in college =)


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