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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3 ding-dong bells

my new fav self-shot
(dowanna say camho pic la..self-shot sounds better :P)

one of the rarest times that i have my fav among my self-shot pics.
am very choosy and particular when it comes to my own photos, or
rather, self-taken photos.

and this is definitely one of the rare shots which i find satisfied and nice.
probably it's the minimal makeup + sunlight + stuff *glee* :D

will update soon on the 3 babies at home.
melody & charity's school kena closed down.

not due to AH1N1, but hand foot & mouth disease.
hahahaha sial! HFM disease wanna grab the spotlight.

so basically, the three have been at home bonding and
doing some cute girly stuff which i wanna share with you
bcos they melt my heart :')

good morning!
the moment the wake up :)

they watch cartoons. together.

they take sometime off around afternoon to explore
on hair and girly stuff with Loveen the guru.

evangeline in high-waisted skirt ;)
i just had to capture that :)

hahahah i'm a good photographer. u can't see
nothing, boys! :P

or maybe it's bcos her tummy is big
enough to block :P

evangeline's snacking time is- all the time.
anytime. anywhere.

will update on the cuties and the ultimate cutie (me)
soon! ;)

p/s: this is my blog i can say whatever i want :P

love, careen.


  1. Gosh..luckily when I was kid there isnt fbook or blog.. and I didnt have a sister like u.

    If not all the obscene pictures of mine will be up. Damn...

  2. Your self-shot is nice! Post more. :)

  3. hahaha.. the nude picture of evan reminds me of melody! :P and her high-waisted skirt is so IN ok. It enhances the shape of her butt and tummy. Wahahaha...

  4. [mknace] hey..thanks! :)

    [leonard] hahahaha hey, i am a great sister okay... ;)

    [irenelim] thanks! hahah i will ;)

    [gladys] hahaha yeah...everyone has a nude pic (wah sounds so scandalous) but it's true. i think it's our culture la. hahah and yes, the high waisted skirt is enhancing......hahaha!!


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