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Thursday, July 2, 2009

What is the worst way you can propose marriage to your partner?

Man! We've come to the most exciting topic of all-

We all talk about dream proposals all the time (at least i do..haha),
but how about nightmare proposals??

As a girl, if a guy were to propose to me on the phone ,
he'll be sure we will never ever ever tie the knot.
(my bf clearly knows that. i think.)
Oh, and never ever see me again too!

But how about the worst way a girl can propose to a guy?
girls nowadays take up the proposal role too. even my Sims do!
hahaha look at the guy in that picture!
to me, the worst way to propose marriage to a guy,
especially one who does not want to marry you though you've been together
for as long as God knows when, just because he simply doesn't want your relationship
to be a contract (think movie: He's Just Not That Into You)
or for a piece of paper to be his proof of commitment and love,

is this:
get pregnant
and blackmail-propose! :D

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  1. Hmm, personally I don't like proposals where the guy does something flashy like renting a billboard, etc. Emotional blackmail- can imagine the pressure. Dunno about the 'worst proposal a woman can make' though- haven't had anyone propose to me yet:/

  2. yay if careen going for movie i also want!

  3. levin: hahaha!! havent heard of any too! :P

    evo: yay let's go! :)


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