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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

those tattoo-printed leggings

came across this particular blog-shop which sell nice, bold, tattoo-printed leggings and guess what, i totally forgot the URL and still can't manage to track it. sigh depressed is me.

well, at least to make me feel better,
my baby's gonna help me fetch home this aweeesome dress tonight! :D

i'm in
i think
Cynthia makes a real good model herself.

clothes look good on her somehow or rather :)
which makes me like her blog-shop too..prefer to buy stuff from blog-shops which has a real (and beautiful) person modelling the clothes than just simply laying them on the ground and snap a picture, or just place them on a size 0 mannequin :/

at least we get a rough idea of how it'll look like on a real person. okay i'm just picky when it comes to clothings, and apparently, blog-shops too. i think i'm becoming a spendthrift these days. been buying things and i can't even recall what. haha oh well, a voice tells me that i should pamper and reward myself for all the hard work past few months. or maybe that's the only voice i choose to hear :P

what a lazy day. have been trying to search for that particular legging blog-shop the whole day. tried Google, tried BFF, A Shopaholics Den, Tongue in Chic, almost whatever you can think of..still can't find. how frustrating!

i know i said i gave up,
but i havent :(

baby says that if it's fated, i'll be able to find it again.

somehow sometimes, i don't like this whole "fate" thing.
hmprh :(

can somebody help me????
God help me..... *sniffsss

love, careen.


  1. I would love to help..if i knew anything at all about leggings ^.^

  2. hahaha thanks evo! comforting to know you'd love to :)

  3. Hey, u know cynthia! =)

    I'll let u know if I hear of the legging shop.


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