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Friday, July 24, 2009

Support Ryan!

still in the season of posting up ugly pics.
haha anyways,

Campus Night last night went well. *phew* :)
finally everything's over. will be going to watch Astro Star Quest tmr,
thanks to Phaik Chia & Ryan for the tix :D

support Ryan! :)

and super looking forward to church's Gala Dinner this sunday evening! :D have never been this prepared for any other prom/events before.

gown [checked]
clinchers [checked]
stilettos [checked]
make-up [checked]
hair [erm, roughly know what i want?]
accesories [checked]

wheee~ happy & excited!
no longer feeling stressed cos everything's more or less settled :D

thanks for spending these 2-minutes reading these random/vain stuff :P

TGIF! Tata! ;)
love, careen.


  1. I would seriously love to support RYAN
    and I think he's sucha pretty boy.

    But then hor... he cant sing leh.. how ?

  2. [leonard] haha well, i gotta agree that there were better vocalists in the competition, but for showmanship and as a performer/entertainer, i think ryan wins hands down. he's got star-quality :)


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