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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sick yet happy :)

am still sick. boooo :(

the cramps have minimized, but the cold is still there.
thank God it is when i chose to quit coffee bean that all these start to pour in.
imagine if i still have to go to work!

don't wanna make this a ranting/emo blog..
because for one, i personally don't like reading blogs that are emo all the time. i guess people don't necessarily like to read blogs to feel worse, but rather to feel enlightened and entertained. correct me if i'm wrong. heh :)


on a brighter note,
there are a few things to be excited and happy for! :D

let's start from the closest to date, not in order of importance or whatsoever.

happy news #1:
(July 16th)

"baby, can i date you this thursday?"

i'm going on a date this thursday! :D

okay, it may seem pretty weird for a girl who's been in the same relationship for close to 5 years getting so excited about a date with the same guy. but the thing is this, both of us get busier and busier mutually and respectively.

our Lagoon trip last Dec :)

yeah, we see each other almost half of the time, but having the opportunity to just go on a date alone, dine with peace without having to rush to a certain destination afterwards, watch a movie just the two of us, go shopping just the two of us, sipping coffee just the two of us.....those are just rare, rare, RARE :(

vincent & li-hsia's wedding in June :)
omg i was so in my chubby season.......*enters into depression*

baby looking messy after all the heng-dai punishments. haha! :P

nobody to blame. busy people change the world, right?
it just makes it more interesting to have to find/make/squeeze time for a little getaway date. i find it pretty rewarding and gratifying :)

Happy News #2:
(July 26th)

Church's 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner!

so looking forward to it! have already thought and planned for what to wear long time ago! :D

the thought of having all church members together for a dinner celebration is just fun and exciting. not only that, there will be special celebrity performances, lucky draws (rumoured to be flight tickets), as well as special awards to give away.

am i in the coolest church or what?
super cool! :D

Happy News #3:
(July 30th)

Yay! Finally i'm about to study something which i'm totally interested :D
sounds kinda sad, huh? PMR, SPM and STPM syllabus never appealed to me at all.

actually i have boon to thank as well. if not for him, i don't think i'll ever come to realise that i'm actually a Mass Comm person than a psychology-person.

and after joining CHC plus serving in HTV and stuff, it made my love for all things Mass Comm stronger. plus, i love to write as well. so that would be put into good use :)

Happy News #4:
(July 31st - Aug 2nd)

i have never liked PC Fair because of the the large crowd and for the fact that i know close to nuts about technology and stuff :(

but guess what, this time around, i actually got myself to work in the upcoming PC Fair. haha! come look for me at ASUS booth :D

Happy News #5:
(Aug 28th - 30th)

Yay!! Church is gonna have yet another mind-blowing production! :D
and guess what, i guess there's no need for a guess even.

yours truly will be acting the role of a b*tch/bimbo YET AGAIN!! :/

i'll be acting as Albert Koh's rich, b*tchy gf.
haha! it's gonna be fun! :P

esther: careen, you'll be acting as Albert's rich gf.
careen: huh??? i'll be acting as a b*tch again?? why???!!!
esther: *laughs* because you're the best already..nobody can top you wan.


my first ever stage performance in CHC:
as Natalie Sia in SJC Rocks!
this has gotta be the most fun of all :)

the evil queen bee.


the bimbo/sampat perfume buyer in Chirstmas at Changs':

i had my bf to be sampat with me as well. haha so it was not too bad :P

frankly speaking, i prefer acting as the antagonist/villian than the good, main character.

i feel more liberated each time i act as the baddie/b*itch. it's as if i could just totally be another person whom i am not/can't be in real life, be as mean as i can, and nobody can blame me for it.

totally cool ;)

and this time around, there will be lots of dance and singing by each character. Esther has come up with the scripts and the whole production plot by herself, and we all have to commend her for that..she never fails to do an amazing job :)

the practices are already starting. will update more on the showtimes and stuff ;)

there you go, 5 things anticipated by yours truly.
it's things like these that make life less routine and mundane :)

hmmmm time to for a nap.
gtg! :)
love, careen.


  1. i wish i could watch the next production. gonna miss chc though. all the cool stuff and all. haha. and my sis told me she met u? =)

  2. where ru now??? :(

    oh yea i met her during 3 mins the other day. haha!! :)

  3. me just finish studies, leaving to spore next weekend liao to serve in my sponsored hosp...sob sob. hope to see u sometime around when i come back la. =)


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