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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The search is still on!

yes, you guessed it right.
that ridiculous search for "those tattoo-printed leggings" is still on.

i know...i know i said i gave up but c'mon! careen tan is not one who gives up easily, is she now?? hahaha sigh...this whole search thing is only making me more frustrated. i've never actually craved for an item so badly in my life.

those leggings are really special..i've never seen anyone wear them before. like, really. they're literally like, tattoo-printed..not only that, they sell floral/henna printed leggings too. i mean, how unique, right? and they're selling for only RM20-RM45. how can i be so stupid to be soooo attracted to those but actually not even remembering where or how i got to that holy site. hahhaah waaaaweeee~

sigh. i searched high and low...the best i know how.

i bothered my friends on facebook with my legging-frustartion, hoping to get some help but to no avail..apparently not many people are bothered to search for leggings with me. hahhah oh my i sound quite bimbo.

i also bothered (am bothering) my precious *muax muax* readers with my ridiculous search...i guess only to make them stop reading my blog evermore cos really, nobody bothers looking for stupid leggings for just, me.

i mean, imagine if American Sweetheart Jennifer Anniston gives a shout out to all her fans to help her find "those tattoo-printed leggings", i can guarantee that not only will her wish be granted in less than a day (mine lasted for erm, 2 days now. haha), probably some of her designer buddies will make her some tattoo-printed leggings with gold embedded in it!

sigh if only...

and if only Google was as good as i imagined it to be!
i practically Googled ANYTHING possibly related to it. ANYTHING.....

i typed:

malaysian blog shop tattoo-printed leggings
malaysian blog shop floral-printed leggings
malaysian blog shop tattoo floral printed leggings
malaysian blog shop leggings

......and to no avail, literally!
i actually searched each and every page, my goodness, hoping to recognise any pictures familiar to me (i thought it'd be easier that way, you see) cos i have awesome photographic memory *ahem*, and this is what i get.
at the very last page for crying out loud!!!
okay 38 pages not that many but still?!

and i found baby jumpsuit, michelle obama (??),
thick footless tights leggings (don't like!!!), and some japanese site...

can somebody hear my cry!!!!!
*huhuhuhu.......* (okay that's not how i sound when i cry)

*you blog shop owner, you'd better feel honored that somebody somewhere (me) is feeling miserable and totally vulnerable because of your existent/non-existent site.

oh wait, maybe, i was just catching a glimpse of the future.

sigh whatever it is,
the search will go on...

my love will stand the test of time!!
love, careen.


  1. Try Yahoo instead. They come out wif search results based on the words, whereas Google searches based on links.

    Try "tattoo floral leggings RM" instead of malaysia, as that hardly ever comes out.

  2. oohhh i see. tried yahoo too but couldn't :(
    anyways, thanks erin!! *hugs* :)


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