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Monday, July 13, 2009

period pain...........

a random candid shot taken by the bf.
was suffering from severe cramp and just had to lie down on the seats in Rakuzen to ease the pain a little.

i couldn't even really put myself to enjoy my favourite Salmon Sashimi.

sometimes, being a girl is not such a bliss.
the kinda pain most of us go through every month will be something that the male species will never be able to understand. it's times like these that makes you wanna just stay at home and do nothing. lie on the bed and get emo...

this is the second time i'm blogging about this cruel, constant pain. some of you would paobably think that period pain is nothing compared to labour pain but it has got nothing to do with me yet so period pain is still the joy-killer. puts me in such a bad mood.

just makes me feel so lifeless each time. having the day off today, thought i could take some time off uploading pics and videos onto facebook, blog, blog-hop, surf the net, but turns out,

i think i'm falling sick :(

feeling cold all of a sudden. coughing all of a sudden.
and how can we forget, the constant cramp in the stomach.

i wanna rest and take a nap, but another part of me says that i should make use of my time,
since i have some in my hands right now.

somehow, i just can't seem to get myself to lie down and rest.

sigh. why??

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