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Monday, July 20, 2009

of weird dreams and girly excitement

just last month, i dreamed that i was at some random place where everybody eats their own body parts with lots of joy and satisfaction, including my own mum who encouraged me to eat up my own tongue o.O
somewhat like a cannibal fest, in a modern setting.

just yesterday, i dreamed that i was at some circus-like stage where there were performances. those performers seemed like baddies, and when the crowd conspired to set up a scheme to bomb the stage, i calmly and quietly agreed, and just went along with it.

it was a shopping mall setting, with a colorful, circus-like stage and setting at the ground floor, facing a big, main entrance. they pulled in a huge plane, and i watched the huge, white plane crash into the bottom of the stage.

the performers looked a lil shaken but unharmed, just that the bottom of the stage was a lil dented. in my mind, i was wondering and questioning how come it hasn't sent a bomb like they planned, while the rest looked on steadily as if waiting for something to happen. i too, watched and waited like the rest did.

shortly after, the stage begun to fire up from beneath. but strangely, the stage was not destroyed by the fire, only the people started to feel the fire beneath their feet and started to burn.

just as soon as the performers started to feel the fire and slowly burn from their feet upwards, the crowd slowly, one by one, left the mall through the main entrance. me not knowing what was happening, just naturally followed the crowd out of the place. just as i was on the way out, i looked back, and i saw the way they were being burned to death.

i stopped right at the entrance, and just stood and watch. i was the only one left in the mall. i watched every single one of them burn, yet i wasn't moved by sympathy nor fear. i watched their pain and agony, heard their screams for help and rescue, but they did not bother me. i was more interested in watching the way people burn to death. the fire did not quench, it just kept burning on selected spots were the performers had all along been standing. they did not leave where they stood at all. i watched till all of them turned into ashes, and i walked away with empty thoughts and feelings.

*sigh* it's no wonder i slept till 12.30pm today and woke up with a headache :/

but what cheered me up a lot is that i have time to spend today, to just slowly shower, go online, eat (very imporatant to eat slowly for me) and walk around. haha no wonder i'm getting fat!

and it's also because i'll be seeing baby tonight to rehearse
hosting for church's Campus Outreach Big Day :)

another reason why i actually slept til the afternoon is because me and the sisters stayed up late last night to experiment with our new flat iron. haha! curling hair with a flat iron is easy-peasy! and i feel stupid for trying countless times and failing countless times! hahaha youtube :)

THIS is where you can learn how to curl your hair using a flat iron, close-up :)

besides that, we actually searched out all our old fashion and hair magazines and started to choose which hairdo we wanna achieve for church's 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner this coming sunday! :D we cut out so many different looks from the magazines which caused a mess on my bed. and until our sleepiness overwhelmed our excitement, we finally allowed ourselves some snooze.

it's moments like tese that we'll look back and laugh at ourselves.
*sigh* girly moments :)

p/s: why do i dream dreams like that? has it somethin to do with me? cannibalistic? :/

love, careen.


  1. Cannibalism can represent a feeling or fear of:

    * Taking advantage of or taking from someone or something
    * Trying to or wanting to have power over someone or something
    * Benefits gained, to the detriment of others

  2. [victorishthoughts] means i have cannibalism or not? hahahahaha i'm confused! :P

  3. eeee u got weird weird dreams lol! ohh, and u lost weight recently? =p

  4. [sarah] yeah i get weird weird dream all the time. sigh..and nola..i think i gained weight thim..have been eating like a glutton! haha :P


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