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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Of an easy-breezy-lazy day & subzone big day pics

weather today:
rainy, cooling, windy, gloomy, breezy,

well, at least i'll be seeing the love of my life later tonight.
haha i know i say this everyday but...

i'm happy my random gifts made baby's day yesterday.
teehee :)

though it's an easy-breezy-lazy day,
i'll still pick my butt up and blog because i *heart* my faithful readers,
and i also *heart* it when i see my stats go up, UP and AWAY! :D

anyways, had our Subzone Big Day last Friday!
credits to Adele Ng for the fab pics! :)

Gladys & friends,
Wei Jean & Phaik Chia.

don't you agree they all look so pretty? :)

Vic, Ee Von & Luke.
amazing people :)

and that's me & the bf in random/lame mode.
omgosh i can't believe how random that was! haha :P

ooo~ look at my biceps/triceps :D
i work out okay...but it's been a while. haha so those are fats actually!

not so random mode. cute...alfred & adrian the celebrity twins.
[left] The Very Honourable, [right] The Greatest Guitarist *bows down*

melody & felicia.
look at mel's smile :)) and messy baby hair. haha :))
buddies Vi June & Chronicles.
both young & very talented guys.

the process...

the product.
Justin & Shu Yih.
they looked so uncomfortable! haha :P

crazee shot!
the sisters unite..minus charity & evan :)

awww...kodak moments :))

group pic! many already left though.
fun day! met many new people. love meeting new people :)

the bf gathered all the episodes of GG Season 2 (jumps for joy wheeee~) for me about a week ago, and i still don't have the time (and peace) to really enjoy watching! :/

will watch now since it's such a easy-breezy-lazy day. haha!

love, careen.

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