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Friday, July 17, 2009

obsessive stalker

while having a chat with a friend this afternoon,
she shared on her fair share of stalker guy cases.

as mild as they may seem compared with real, hardcore stalker stories, it made me think, if it actually happens to me, it would freak the hell out of me. i've never had any stalker guys in my life as far as i can recall, which is something i really really thank God for.

seems like the guys who used to like me or even presently, are nice enough to give me space and are non-stalkish. haha phew! if a guy starts to stalk me he would be in my black book forever.

i'm really scared of stalkers! :((
(johnny depp is simply an exception)

the thought of not knowing if someone is constantly watching you, observing you, around you is just plain scary. i don't like the unknown..i like to know things you get what i mean? haha.

which makes me think again,
is there a difference between stalkers and obsessive stalkers?

i mean, to be a stalker to start with, the person is already rather obsessive isn't it? a person must be obsessive enough to actually spend time, hard work, energy to stalk. hmmmm..

been rather interested to watch 'Obsessed' the moment i first saw its trailer. though i'm no fan of horror movies and thrillers (only sometimes when i'm in the mood to be...thrilled?), but this time, it's Larter the Stalker! i mean, how can anyone not be interested? guys and girls alike..girls like to look at hot girls too ;)

if only all stalkers were that hot.
guys would happily be stalked by Larter the stalker ;)

i would love to act as a stalker if ever i was given a chance though. i mean, i've acted as bitches so many times now, having a twist would really be interesting ;)

i wanna watch 'Obsessed'! Ali Larter wooohooo~ ;) but when? :(
anyone watched already? how was it how was it?? :)

p/s: found "those tattoo-printed leggings" site already! whheeee thanks Phoebe Tan! :D

love, careen.


    I wouldnt mind being stalked by a girl like that. Woohoo !

    Btw, are u coming for THE PROPOSAL ?

  2. Hey still not sure..still can't confirm..would hope to go though..will you be there? :)


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