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Thursday, July 23, 2009

"no-clue" pictures

sometimes i get really nice pictures of myself,
and sometimes, i get super "no-clue" pictures
which leaves me speechless and no clue at all what i was doing/thinking.

like those below.

during Subzone Big Day's SPUD game.
haha seriously, i have no clue why i looked like that, man.
was the game that scary?? and if it was, how come the rest looked so chill wan??!!

and this one. aiyo, embarassing sial.
double chin, fat arms all exposed.

and i have no clue at all why i looked so happy.
if it was something funny, why wasn't boon laughing/smiling/double-chinning like me??!!

shiat. really gotta be more poised and jaga image a bit from now on.
haha but sien la..tiring to jaga image and be self-conscious all the time.

so, as a result, this is me.
and what you see is what you get la..haha
when you're tired of all my ugly pics, lemme know. i'll post back beautiful pics on my posts. haha but for now this is what i feel like posting so yeah :D

oh yeah,
updates on my 4-hour amazing shopping spree:

after really calculating, i actually only had 3 and a half hours to shop for my clincher and stilletos yesterday.

but but BUT! i actually managed to complete my mission from 2.45pm-3.30pm!

45 minutes, baybeh! i mean, was i some shopaholic who knows Pyramid inside out or WHAT???!!! AMAZING!!! :DDD

i really surprised myself, man! God was soooo on my side!! :D
after that, i even had time to go shop for make-up, look for accesories, choose clothes for mummy & gramma, help mummy & gramma in the dressing room (which took FOREVER), and eat Mee Suah in Shilin (that was the best part of all)!

*phew* thank God for the shopping talent i have :D

okay, i'm sure you guys get the point that i'm excited and proud of myself :)

p/s: will be hosting Campus Night 2009 tonight! jan-geong but excited! it's gonna be great! :))

love, careen.


  1. Hahahha, okok I'll take nice pics of you next time but I still love that first pict :P

  2. hahaha actually i also like the pics tho they're ugly. hahaha thanks! ;)


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