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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The inflammation

here it is again- the legendary throat inflammation.

since i was little, i've been having very sensitive throat. and once i get throat inflammation, that's it. the rest will start pouring in- fever, flu, and the whole sick cycle will come around again.

yesterday i woke up with a sore throat, and then my throat was inflammed. then it was followed by the sick-feeling (i bet you know what i'm talking about), and finally the ultimate one, fever.

had to struggle to finish my test articles for a part-time writer job i'm applying for. struggled and managed to finish one yesterday, two more to go for today.

the sucky part is that i can't even think like how i normally do. that explains why my blog post is so different today. no sampat stuff, no camho pics (totally no mood for that, strangely). let alone think creatively.

woke up today and thought i'd feel a least bit better, but nope i didn't. it felt as if a hadn't taken med at is still the same sick feeling i felt yesterday.

let's hope this will not go on and develop into some swine-related disease. and wish me all the best and hopefully the writer-company will be able to understand what i'm writing to them.

love, careen.


  1. Get well soon Careen =)

    i used to get the throat infection thingy all the time..jst try to lessen on icy drinks and more Vit.C shld help.


  2. You can really write well...I might need a freelance writer

  3. Gosh careen...get well soon! make sure get more water, more rest and less partying into ur system ;)

  4. [baldwin] thanks bro. icy drinks are my life! haha but i'll take heed to your advice :)

    [rawbean] oh..thanks robin :)

    [evo] heheh thanks evo..i can't even remember the last time i party :/


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