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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ice Age 3 with the sisters :)

is my blog dead or super dead? sigh.

am having the day off from work.
going to bring these two cartoons to watch Ice Age 3 :)

after watching the trailer in church the other day, i got so excited about watching it!
it's also time to watch some comedy to crack me up
and help me forget about my responsibilities for a moment.

need a break. i'll get my well-deserved break soon..before college starts.

believeeeeee it or not, i have not watched the first two sequels of Ice Age,
and neither had i been interested before. therefore, i'm really going into the cinema with no expectations and foreknowledge of the plot or even the characters.

why do i always go into the cinema a blank piece of paper??

and believeeee it or not, i have not watched ANY episode of Harry Porter, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Terminator, Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Superman, etc etc etc.

don't ask me why. i just don't have an interest in these sequel movies.

that explains why i am still not THAT moved to watched Transformers 2.
though i do wanna watch foxy Megan Fox
that all the guys have (all along) been going ga-ga for.

boys wil be boys...but i agree she's damn hot like omg!

i realised that i like to look at hot and pretty girls as much as my bf does.
erm, that shows that i know the art of beauty-appreciation ;)

will update more from now.
p/s: pictures and videos of Melody and Charity doing Boom Boom Pow & Waking up in Vegas coming up hahah ;)
love, careen.


  1. Weii. u almost sound like an anti-movie person wei..u missed out on so many great shows :P so what r u doing when ppl r all excited to watch those shows? xD

  2. im not anti-movie..i'm just not pro-movies :P wouldn't call myself a movie fan..i don't know why too. haha hmm, i'll just let them be excited while i try to be excited too. hahaha :P


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