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Saturday, July 18, 2009

congrats, sisters.

on 18th July 2009, 7.30am
my sisters Serene (left) and Loveen (right) got baptized :)

look how much they've grown..both are taller than me now.
but actually anyone can easily be taller than me. haha!

cold pool water at 8am! :/

on the same day today, xiao kang, who is our country's top mandrin songwriter, composer and singer himself was also being baptized, just like any ordinary member :)

after writing many songs for other artistes, finally he has come up with his own album.

many of us may not have known him, (esp us who are not very inclined towards the chinese music industry) he writes songs for famous chinese artistes such as

dong li huo che/ Power Station

Harlem Yu,
among many others whose names i can't remember.
hehe am bad with chinese names!

and i'm sure a few years back you've at least heard of the Taiwanese boy band called F4? ;) haha well i'm not afraid to admit that i was once head over heels with them, especially after watching Meteor Garden. it could get pretty addictive. ahhhhh those were the days :)

and if you do, i'm sure you'll not forget the famous intro song that was sung by Harlem Yu? and guess what, the man behind all the lyrics is our very homegrown songwriter, Xiao Kang! *claps* amazing! :)

okay, he did not pay me for all these introduction/promo.
haha back to the sisters' baptism!

our family picture with our beloved pastor!
charity and evangeline were still oioichu-ing at home :)

congrats my dear sisters! :)
although i always scold you because you're now at the very irritating and annoying adolescence (i know bcos i was once that irritating and annoying), i still love you and want the best for you.

if i have the cash i'd buy the best clothes, hair & makeup, shoes, etc for you to look your best. today is your brand new journey! so, happy journeying with Him! :)

after baptism, instead of getting back to bed,
i figured i should treasure the peace and quiet in the morning (different story when the babies wake up! gosh i sound like a mum) and just go online peacefully. it's been a while since i visited Ricebunny, and yes, it's still the same..never fails to teach me a thing or two.

the best thing i learned apart from all the great makeup & hair tutorials is this! wonder if i could do the same for my liquid eyeliners and mascara. haha they run out so fast! :P

got a facebook msg from a guy friend that he even visits RiceBunny/Michelle Phan's site and enjoy learning stuff from her! really admire and feel proud of guys like these who are not afraid to learn things that they might not be able to apply, but just to learn for the knowledge and maybe, to better understand girls. and needless to say, my baby dear is one of these guys :)

will be going for yet another wedding dinner later.
haha cool! i'll get to apply whatever i learned almost immediately ;)
will take loads of pictures cos i'm in the moooood.

enjoy your weekend! :)
*fly kisses*

p/s: wow lots of hearts in this post. haha ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥.

love, careen.


  1. thanks for sharing the link! i enjoyed it too. awaiting for your pictures! hahaha

  2. congrats! to Loveen & Serene! :) you watch Michelle Phan's video too? hahaha , I always draw white eyeliner at the bottom of my eyes , I learned it from her video! to make eyes look bigger :D

  3. Congrats, congrats to Loveen, Serene, and Xiao Kang!! :DD

  4. I like the family pictures.

    I cant imagine having that much of sisters at home. I'll probably die. *laugh*

    Im sure it forces u to becoming more mature in handling younger siblings huh?

  5. [tifannie] you're most welcome..haha pictures coming soon ;)

    [fibiee] yeah...and it works! love her...she shows the steps so thoroughly :)

    [gladys] yes! haha and to the rest also :P

    [leonard] haha it's fun leonard..especially having baby sisters at home..they can be really cute to watch and play with :) and yes, it sorta "forces" me to grow up faster :P

  6. Where did u hear of Ricebunny's website from? I've been following her blog for the past couple of years, and have been bugging my members to follow her blog to no avail. =(

    U shud so join HMM lar...

  7. come? her site is really interesting :) i found her site when i was just randomly looking for makeup sites. heheh..and what's HMM? :)

  8. wow...i didn't know! HMM! :D

    yea actually i would love to someday..but i doubt my makeup skills..especially on others. and worse still, hair. hahahaha!! :P


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