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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Big Groove S'pore trip :)

warning: abundance of pictures ahead.

that's baby checking into the backpackers hostel after a long bus ride :)

after sleeping for about half an hour,
we went off for the The Big Groove Mass Workshop
for 4 hours nonstop.

girls from Funky Ziggy..really good whackers.

after the exhausting workshop. look at those tired/stoned faces.

with Bon from Wrecking Crew Orchestra, Japan.
really amazing instructor despite the language barrier :)

with Ryan, OSchool's creative director.

with An An, one of the super skilled Oschool instructor.
super cute looking :)

by the road side

after a good shower,
we were off for our well-well-well-deserved lunch :D

camho-ing while at the traffic.
making every second productive :D

on the way for lunch,
3 monkeys decided to do the frog-jump-clap-stunt :D

and we bumped into O School :)

it was pretty windy,
so we camho-ed :)

at another traffic light :)
had lunch in a Kopitiam named "Kopitiam".
how brilliant..hehe

my duck noodles!

our snowies :DDD

nose cut-off.

baby likes to candid me ugly.
but i like it also la..i like to see my awkward, ugly sides. haha!

while waiting for the bus,
we camho-ed :)

the sun always makes camho-ing a bliss!
no editing for all these pics :)

in the bus :)

the next day:

on the way to CHC Spore in Jurong West :)

i like this pic :)

baby on the other hand, makes MRT-ing productive by psp-ing.
spot adam! hehe

had our bfast at Long John Silver.
how come their Long John Silver nicer wan?? :(

shawn trying to do the lighter-trick. hehe.

Sherly (Cheryl) Ho's mini surprise birthday cake :)

shawn and i in CHC Jurong West.

Sherly Ho and i :P

the girls.

after service high.

coincidentally we were both wearing green. awww :)

hunter on the phone and finally got a gay-role in KLPAC.
haha :P

the stage.

after service, we had a CHC-tour.
at the garden terrace which had baptism pool, children pool
and playground!

girls just wanna have fun fun fun!
spot Christina in the middle.

we got quite high la.
but Christina didn't enjoy i think...haha!

hunter enjoying himself.

back to carefree childhood!

squeezing on the bench like the workers' party!

hunter just spoilt the pic!!!

some wedding portrait pic :)

Christina! think twice!!!

hand-sanitizer by the lift. kewwwwl.... :D

why don't we have this here??

in the lift,
we camho :D

by the fountain,
we take a pic :)

woohooo! main entrance.

by the pool outside. huge building :)

taken by Adam.
i really *heart* this pic :)

ahahaha..i dunno what that is :P

fly baby fly!

jumping makes us feel high.

ahahaha the frog-jump-clap!

i dunno what i was doing...

no idea as well...hehe

also no idea.
hahaha why do i have weird expressions all the time??

my darling :)

hahah this one is a major no-idea-what-i-was-thinking pic.
but i super like it!

group pic :)

paparazi Sherly Ho.

this is so candid omg...i think i was feeling hot...

this is when good camho-ing skills come in handy :)

adam diving into my camho pic.


when the color of your jeans fade from 1 to 4...

the guys..

the girls..

and here in Expo 1 we arrived!
major major major concert this year.

double the crowd,
double the energy,
double the hype,
double the standard,
double the everything.

supa awesome!!!

post-concert high.
oh, that's the Puma jacket my baby bought for me prior to the concert :D
an over-exposed pic. the good one is with Cheryl.
....and Cheryl said my pose was hootchy :(

us again :)

The next morning:

girls all ready to shop shop shop!! :D

my baby camho too okay...but he's not in the pic.
hehe a selfless camho pic :D

this is the new nerdy geeky sexy specs i bought.
love it!!

after all the shopping,
we were set to go home sweet home! :)

the end :)
love, careen.

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