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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4-hour amazing shopping spree

back in Dec last year.
i'm glad i'm now much fairer and skin's much smoother :)
but now i'm fatter. how? :(

hello people!
i figured it'd be sien and boring and tao-yen to always see a beautiful camho pic of me when you read my blog. SO....i figured that i shall be different today and post up a not so nice pic with absolutely no makeup and hair. like, literally no hair. hahaha!!

don't say hurtful words to me okay...i just want to be transparent to you guys... :(

it's also another easy-breezy-lazy day today. *love weathers like these*
BUT, i can't relax at home like i did yesterday. will be going shopping
in less than 2 hours time! this time, i'll be going with a

1. to look for a very very beautiful clincher
2. to look for a very very beautiful pair of stilletos
3. some nice accesories (if not also nvm, not an accesories person)

Question of the day: can she, complete, this task, in just, 4 hours??

plus, i'll be going with my mummy (who likes to stroll and get distracted along our missions almost all the time), and my mummy's mummy who is just as bad + she likes to talk and walk at the same time.

it'll be quite difficult to fulfull my mission if i walk with them, unless i get them to walk as fast as i do. which is hard because they have their own mission also. how??

the Gala Dinner is just this sunday which is 4 days more.
i'm getting more and more stressed out and gan-jeong when the days draw nearer and i'm still not fully equipped.

this is just like Amazing Race you know, 6pm, and that's it.
my shopping race ends when i have to step into Nickey's car for rehearsal.

wish me all the best.

*group hugs*

love, careen.


  1. ur commentator as open ID..or else i can comment as my self hosted blog..xD..btw...i like dat u call dat a hat?

  2. [evsam] thanks :)

    [howard] done! didn't even realise it's that way..thanks..haha :) oh, hmmm...i have no idea as well. haha a...beanie? i suppose? :P


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