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Friday, June 12, 2009

pigging out AGAIN

with the famous face of Hilary Rhoda :)

am back in my hometown again, and that only means two things-

1. visiting my gramma.
2. pigging out like there's no tomorrow.

look at my sis....
*shakes head profusely*

charity irked by sand between her toes :)

evangeline irked by sand on her face. hahaha!

fat feet!!!!

itchy gums. teething season :)

omgod i sound like a mum...hahaa!
mum & evangeline.
look at how small and short she is!

i know it's selfish to say this but,
i wish she'd stay this way forever. forever a baby... :)

and that's the pig who's been eating, sleeping, watching tv, going online,
and the cycle repeats itslef.......

having a good, relaxing time with my family...
away from all the busyness, hectic routines back at home.

love, careen.


  1. So will you be the Hilary Rhoda of Msia ?
    We'll soon know. All The BEst ! Keep Me Posted !
    Sandra will b at church this weekend. Talk to her if u wanna know wht isit like...

  2. Cute kids. oh no..will they grow up with ur influence?? xD

  3. leonard: thanks leonard :)

    evo: yes they's a great privillege, okay.... ;)

  4. juli: noooooooooooo!!! hahahaha :P


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