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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

overdue pics of Ps. Kong's special weekend :)

Pastor Kong came on 22-24th May.
it was so awesome to have Pastor back again.
the next time we see him will be during Emerge in November! :)

was given the privillege to host and act together with CHC S'pore drama team over the weekend. working with them taught me so much..everything was definitely done with excellence, precision and of the best quality. i have lots to learn from them! :)

this is Cassandra, better known as Sandy or Ps. Aries' sweerheart :)
she's heads the Creative Ministry in CHC S'pore. so all the amazing drama you see such as PVC Rocks!, the Easter dramas, The Kefira Show, Christmas at Changs' and i-Ming, they were all directed by Sandy. amazing... :)
she has a son and a daughter of 5 months can you believe it??

Jaslynn & i.
she is also a leader in the Creative Ministry and comes up with superb storylines and scripts together with Sandy (above) and Wee Lee (below).
she has three kids! her eldest child is 11 yrs old.
like, omgosh i'm going insane...can you believe it?????!!

Wee Lee is also part of the brainstorming team!
He is super versatile in his acting that he can assume any role! super amazing! :)

this is Sheila.
we have sorta the same fate...not only are we both into Mass Comm,
we're always the bimbos, b*tches, and sluts in dramas. hmm...
this is Bernard.
you've probably seen him pretty often on HTV CHC S'pore,
as well as in dramas acting as the funnies. he is really, really!
as you can see from his face. haha :)
me & my bus partner, Adrian.
that's the book i read in the bus scene. hehe another joker.
how can anyone be so funny??!

me & Calvin.
he did all the props and stage management for the weekend.
he really has an eye for detail which made the drama so smooth and excellent!

this is Ben.
for the whole weekend, he'd been sitting at the console rolling the videos, controlling the songs and sound, etc..he's so sharp that the drama was flawless! he's so excellent i can't stand it!! :)

anna, myself and sheyvin (right) helped to host the team.
but anna and sheyvin did most of the hard work. they're really some girls :)
too bad sheyvin's taken, but anna's still available. woooo~ wooooo~ ;)

this is one of the many group pics we took. took so many!
took me the whole afternoon to upload onto FB and tag EVERYBODY!!

a job well-done for the drama team!! :))
and of course a job well-done to me too for uploading and tagging everyone finally.
ahahahahahaa :D

p/s: why am i ALWAYS acting as the bimbo/b*tch and slut? why why tell me WHY?????!
love, careen.

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  1. Me on your blog! Woo-hoo! Thanks for your help too! I can't do it alone, but with the teamworks! Haha... Do you miss them? I do... Haha...


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