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Thursday, June 25, 2009

kodak moments

random confession:
i'm in a very loving relationship with my
jet black, long, thick, flowy, heavy head of hair now :)

it is in a very nice shape and state..makes me feel happy
when i can feel them around my face and back and hands and......yeah :))

photos to make everybody's day (it made mine)!! :)

two-tooth princess :)

long pout queen :)

omgness this is one true-blue drama queen
and i pinky-pwomise i didn't didn't teach her to be like this!!

giving the shy, innocent face.
i didn't teach her either!!

i also didn't teach this one!

this too!

that's her notti smile that i loveeeee....

this one i taught them wan :D

aww so happy :))


drama queens to the utmost max!!

awwww....look at that :)))))

will be preaching in CG later!
am in a very happy and chillex mood and mode.

we're gonna have a gooood time later! ;)

p/s: feels great to know i don't have to wake up earrrrrly for manual labour tomorrow! woohoooo long weekend ahead for fun in the sun!! :D
love, careen.

1 comment:

  1. hey :D so nice to see the many faces of evangeline.. :) usually when we see her she's got this perma-frown.. lol

    ur gorgeous as usual.. keep pure!


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