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Saturday, June 6, 2009

he looks like ryan reynolds!

"He looks like a celebrity, you know. A Hollywood celebrity. If i'm not mistaken, i think his name is...Ryan Reynolds."

that's what i said on the way to B.Wings with subzone members after yesterday night's amazing, mind-blowing service with Pastor Andrew Gray.

Boon, Loveen and Adele who were also in the car with me had no clue who Ryan Reynolds was, so they just went, "oh, okay."

but haha! after Loveen Googled Ryan Reynolds and saw how alike he is to Ps. Andrew, she posted this. hahahah!!

if you're as blur as boon, loveen and adele,
this is the super charming Ryan Reynolds.

i think he used to date Scarlett Johansson.
even she thinks he's hot! ;)

luckily i wasn't distracted during choir! hahahahahah ;)

looks aside, he is amazing as a speaker.
he really knew his stuff. one of the few preachers i know who are so full of conviction and passion about the message he speaks. i was really really blessed :)

let me know if you wanna meet Ryan Reynolds look-alike ;)

p/s: i'm typing all these with Evangeline standing right in front of me..blocking half of my laptop screen. am i genius or genius? haha :P
love, careen.


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