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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day...

good afternoon, peoples of the world! :)

the preaching in KK CF last night was awesome. it was one of my first times preaching, and first time on my own, speaking to a bunch of high school kids!

it was honestly not too easy, as high schoolers will be high schoolers. there will be the shy ones, and the hyper ones. thank God we had a good mixture of both last night :)

it was great! a wonderful first time experience.
about 75 people came, and 15 responded to the altar call. i mean, i was really blown away by God. i onlt preached a very simple, short message, and God just moved. people responded, and hearts were touched by God. it was just unbelievable for me.

thanks Felicia for this opportunity.
thanks baby for supporting me ALL the way.
thanks the rest for cheering for me. you're gems :)


anyways, it's Ftaher's Day woohooooo~~~~

i have the cutest father ever!

let me tell you a few secrets or rather, things you most probably wouldn't know.

despite the cool and stern exterior, my dad's really some kinda loving daddy.

he doesn't smile when we takes pictures. or when he actually does, it'll be those gangster smirk like (below).

sometimes he can be pretty 'yeng'. to me at least :)

how many of you can tell me the number of fathers who prepares breakfast for her fashionable-late daughter every single morning, and puts them nicely at the backseat of the car. simply because he knows that i'll wake up late from activites the night before, and therefore not have enough time to dress up, let alone having breakfast.

every morning, i'll find myself rushing and feeling ganjeong because i'm late. i'll ruch downstairs in my untucked uniform, grab my socks and shoes, hop onto the car, and find a glass of milo, a piece of bread, a bottle of water, and a few supplement pills arranged next to me. every morning.

i can't ask for more.

each time when i happen to think that my dad doesn't love me, i'll think back on little things like these, and i'll be reminded again...of how much of a great daddy he is.

i love you dad, Happy father's Day.
love, careen.


  1. happy father's day to your dad...have not seen you all in a long time...hope all is well with you and family!!!!

  2. hey kaz...thanks! btw, may i know who this is? :)


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