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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Careen's favourite collection of camho pics

that has gotta be the longest title ever on the history of my blogging life...
which is, about 2 years now? hahahaha man, i'm really still an amatuer baby blogger! :P

anyways, was browsing through my pictures or rather, self-taken a.k.a. camho pics the other day, and i have to say that really, i used to be quite a professional ;)

i don't understand why some people despise people who camho. i mean, it's a self-expression. i've realised that i give the best facial expressions and am the most natural *ahem* when i camho, and not being shot by other photographers or even professional photographers...sad to say.

and plus, sometimes when you have a strong urge to take photos because you feel you look particularly good that day and you sorta want a memory of it, you may not find anyone who's willing/available to take pics for you. especially if you're someone who's as picky and particular as me when it comes to picture-taking :P
so to put an end to all the frustrations in life, you take a picture of yourself, by yourself, for yourself!

when i started camho-ring, i felt a little narcissist. but as time went by, i got hooked and that's how 'Careen's favourite collection of camho pics' can come about. *claps* ;)

back in...

apr 07
this is when i first got my sony ericsson 2mp camera phone from baby :)
one of the very first camho pics. this is such a history-making photo, man!

july 07

i really this pic.
love that it's so natural..

aug 07
oooo~ Emerge season!
wah look at my thick eyebrows back then! i miss it...
now getting thinner and thinner thanks to all the makeup artists who don't know how to apppreciate my brows :(

oct 07

this is like my picture-perfect picture.
i was so satisfied with it, i'd just open my camera photo folder to view it every chance i can. okay i'm quite narcissistic la :P

i've like, close to 50 pictures taken at that particular time and this is just one of em. the natural sunlight and everything was just so perfect at that moment. i just had to camho..haha!

nov 07

this was when my skin was at its best. so i had to camho. hahah :P
one of the rarest picture of me having my hair tied-up.
i personally prefer to let my hair down cos
1) it's healthy to the hair.
2) it covers my face fats :)

a week after...

i had a drastic haircut!
(i am not such a risk-taker, you see)

on the very same day i had my haircut. is this history making or what, man.

i remember taking these pictures to MMS to baby cos he was back in his uni and he really wanted to see my new haircut. awwww :))

i love my sharp chin.
i super *heart* this pic...i looked so young and innocent :)

wah i kinda miss my bangs.....

march 08

this was taken after Easter services in church. i was acting as the leopard in Easter production and got my hair sprayed golden. how lala is that :)

april 08

i dunno what happened to me this month, but i kinda took quite many emo-pics.
these were all taken by baby's 3.2mp phone back then. somehow all his phones take good pictures :)

this is one of my very favourite.
love the hair, eyes, nose, lips, lighting and everything :D

okay, this could be pretty controversial but i was fully dressed head-to-toe okay... :/

this is my unusual camho pic..but i really love it.

this is one of my proudest camho pic as yet.
i didn't use timer or whatsoever, nor did i edit anything in this photo. it's all by the camera phone itself. super kewl! it totally brought my camho experience to a whole new level! hahaha :P

june 08

taken after a HTV shoot. on the way for dinner date with baby.
love the sunlight and curls, as well as the necklace :)

july 08

this is when i first wore colored contacts.
was wearing a green pair..thanks to sarahpoh. *hugs* ;)

and then, there was some silence in between,
and no nice camho pics were being taken.

april 09

hahahaha omgness...camho dry season.
mainly due to extreme busyness and partly due to Gladys bringing the camera to NS :/

i really this photo.
i've always thought that my 'angle' is the right side of my face,
but turns out some of my favourite photos taken are on the left side too. i'm so comforted that i don't have an 'angle' cos every angle is a good angle. wheeeee~ :)
the most touching thing of all is that my baby truly understands me. he has never once given me any criticism/"constructive criticism" on my camho pics or my camho habits. he even suggests phoness/camera phone for me which are of good pic-taking quality and camho-friendly :)

in fact, he really loves every single of my pics, that he'd browse through my phone/camera and steal my pics by bluetooth-ing over to his camera secretly. he is one thief that i really :)

this is my baby's favourite photo :)
dated: 0ct 07
maybe he has other favs now but that was the last time i asked him so yea,
i shall regard it as his fav photo :))

and this would be my favourite photo of all :)

i think i've like, more than a thousand plus camho pics throughout these two years.
and trust me, this camho thing is no longer a trend but a lifestyle..even guys do it too..openly or constantly denying it. hahah and i believe that this camho prac will last through the generations and generations to come. (wah sounds so serious) :P

time to nap!
love, careen.


  1. pretty n hot ! =p love all your pics *smile*

  2. Very Seducing ! *wink*

    Love it... *laugh* Anyway, even if u dont win the Estee Lauder Title, I think u still stand a chance for the Sony Picture Perfect Title.

  3. shixin: thanks girl! you're pretty and hot yourself too unoe :)

    leonard: aww...thanks for the encouragement :) whether or not i can get into the semi-finals is still a big question mark :/

  4. You're so cute keke. I have the same chin as you, lol.


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