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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

baby all grown up...

i love my daddy :)


yours truly will be going for The Big Groove 09 on this friday in S'pore!
oh how exciting is that! :)

best of all, i'll be taking it as a vacation (shopping vacation, maybe) and a getaway for both me and the bf. sighhh...been too busy and caught up with the routines..can't wait :))

on a pretty seperate note,
it felt just like yesterday that my baby sis was as young and innocent as keira...

man, look at those big, round eyes.
how can anyone not fall in love with keira?

and now, my baby sis is one grown up toddler.

forever gonna be my baby..even when she's 46 years old!
and i'll be 66! oh man!!!!!!!!

ooooo she looks like a boy here. haha! i love her PJs :)

"baby, show me your teeth??"

and she's very very smart, notti, and so mature!
don't grow up so fast!!!
love, careen.

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