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Thursday, May 14, 2009

so many things, so little time!

aiyo, so cliche.
i think i've made that sentence my blog title countless times before.
but really, i can't think of a better title. or rather, tagline.
or ratherrrrr, my motto in life? ;)

*everyone moans, "let's not get there againnnn....*

looks like i gotta wikipedia the word motto, huh.
isn't it sad to have a 'so many things, so little time' as my...motto in life?
can't imagine what my life will become if that's really my motto in life.
ahhahahaha okay stop it.

sometimes, when i'm feeling or rather, AM tired physically, mentally, etc..i'll pick myself up by entertaining myself. and blogging in a 'sampat' manner is one of the ways i keep myself happy and sane.

so many things, so little time.
i wish i dont have to blog (don't get me wrong. i love to blog, it's just that it comes back to the title/tagline/motto in life once again), yet automatically, all the events and stuff i attended, memories bitter and sweet, feelings and thoughts, and everything i'd wished to blog about would appear automatically on my blog/domain.

wouldn't it be cool? i mean, it's something like i-ming already! but the difference is that we choose what we want to put on our blogs ;)

maybe i should propose this idea to Steve Jobs.
*jumps and waves and does star jumps for Jobs to notice my business proposal*
hey, don't laugh.
if i get rich and famous bcos of my concept and business idea,
you'd wish you were my BFF! *hmph*

okay, enough of nonsence for the day.
be back soon to update on err, many many things :)
*pinky pwomise*
p/s: this is the first time i watched a movie before everybody else (well, most people). you have no idea how outdated i have always been, mygooness! will update on that soon ;)

p/p/s: all the best for your preaching test, Barefo the altar ego!
love, careen.

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