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Thursday, May 21, 2009

LOP with the bf

our date last Sat was kinda different-
we travelled way beyond our "comfort zone". hahahah!

normal times our date would be around sunway, or 1u area, etc
cos we simply have no time to travel further. (yes we're both busy busy busy!)

last Sat was different though.
after work (weekend mornings in coffee bean are crazee! as in, the customers are extra crazy on weekends), went home, got ready and off we went!

we both went in polo-tees, shorts and crocs.
and one thing special in common too- we both went w/o makeup on. absolutely.
i mean, how rare is that? hahaha :P

boon didn't wanna reveal where we were heading towards, and me being the forever-lost-on-the-road-gf would not be able to find out for sure. haha after guessing forever, he revealed a hint that we were going to a place called LOP.

like, huh????! like, what the hell LOP is??hahaha!
looks like i'm not only sesat on the road, but sesat in quite many ways.

LOP- Look out point. ohhhhhhh~ :)
the lil Genting that everyone was buzzing about (few years back),
and the outdated and sesat yours truly didn't even know about such a place.
kononnya i'm from KL. *sigh*
i was touched to know that boon actually planned this beforehand and even searched out the directions to our destination. i always love the fact that efforts are being put into simple things like going out for a casual date. i really appreciate such efforts bee :)

sometimes blur pics can be quite nice.
i like yellowish, mysterious looking pics ;)

but then, my baby would still be the blur baby. despite the fact that he searched out the directions, we somehow got lost and ended up rounding ampang, kl and everywhere in between to search out the place. hahaahaha i find it rather cute :)

and thus, to make things lighter and less stressful, it is always wise to make a fool out of the situation, and the people stuck at such situations.
after blinding the bf's eyes with quite a few flash shots,
i decided to be a good gf by turning off the flash and entertain myself while he look for the directions. i'm so proud of maself *glee* :D

i think i'm cute *pats eyelids* ;)))
omg i think my readers must be so replused by my narcissism. haha!

bf asking for directions. haha!
after turning here and there, and rounding rounding rounding
for a good one and a half hours on the road chatting nonsensical stuff and camhoing,
we finally made it to our destinasi tuan tuan dan puan puan! :)

ooooo~ look at the mist :D
w/o flash, can't really see the mist.
the uphill climb.
the smart me wore high-heeled crocs which made it pretty hard to climb uphill.
it was pretty steep, ya know. not easy, ya know.
hahahaha this is one of my favourite moments!
the bf pushing me from behind cos i'm simply too fat i can't climb the freaking small hill :(
omgod we were laughing like mad cows with wings cos it was simply a sight too funny and wrong-looking. hahahahah omgosh.....

okay lemme laugh first. after i took this shot while being pushed by boon uphill,
the motorcyclist yelled, "Ah, my eyes!!!!!"
ahahhahahahahaahaha omg omg omg....i didn't mean to blind anybody!!!!!

finally, after the long uphill climb (not that long actually, but quite long also la), we decided to pamper ourselves by adding more fatty tissues into our bodies. we had some western food.

look at my awesome camho skills :D
boon looking at how small the portion is.
okay, maybe small to us both la..cos we're huge eaters. *rawr*

my special mushroom soup :)

the soup was quite nice...

...andthe smartie me finished up all the soup til the bread was too dry and hard to eat and i left it there just like that. i really felt bad cos i was wasting food :(

my special sizzling steak! :)
but according to boon it was a bad bad steak. which i had to kinda agree,
cos he's the beef/steak expert and it really tasted kinda sucky.
my happy meal :)
that was before i tried the steak and wasted the bread :(

i was damn hungry and tired from the uphill climb!
after our fatty meal, we went to the famous hilltop to watch the KL view :)
this is what happens when you don't have a good dslr to play with :(
*hint hint hint*

this is the poster for the movie:
Hantu melawati KL.
i looked just like a ghost, whei!!!!!!
should have put on some makeup, man. looked damn pale!

this looks much better :)

with flash, we can't see any of KL's lights :/

w/o flash, the pic becomes blur!
aih this is when a good dslr comes in handy.
*hint hint hint* ;)

i look tired and pale.
what do you expect??!! i came from working manual labour, okay???!!

i like this pic :)
gladys thinks boon looked funny cos he was standing so straight and upright.
but i like :)

when we can't capture good quality shots,
we capture creative dysfunctional shots! :D
make do with what we can get ma...

super cool~! :D
Poster for the movie:
Revenge of the Dead and Angry Who Died in Pain and Agony in the Heart of KL in Green Polo Tee Without Makeup On.

wah too long. my new movie title:
The Girl in Green.

wahhhh...sounds more spooky :)

overall, the place was not bad la. quite chilled. quite cooling. quite dark. quite many insects. quite many spider webs all around ewwww! quite overrated. but overall ok la..not bad :)

i will miss you baby that's for sure :(
bf's outstation for work again. tell me who else is more hardworking than him? :)

our random date in starbucks after DASH :)

i heart sunshine pics :)

i missh you liao. how? :(
p/s: wondering why i've so much time to blog? it's cos i'm sick and stuck at home with nothing much i can do :(
p/p/s: i'm getting much better wheeeeee~ :)
love, careen.


  1. Ooooh now i know a new place to paktoh ady! hehe.

    Btw i missed the chance to meet u at angels and demon's screening..again :(

  2. heyyaa =)
    Lookout point's a really nice place though.

    I wonder whts with the restaurant in the middle..seemed to be quiet most of the time which I didnt dare go in till now. *lol


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