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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

angels & demons movie premiere

this is such a backdated post :/

while most people watched the highly-anticipated Angels & Demons on May the 14th onwards, me & bf plus other lucky bloggers/non-bloggers/blogger's bfs/etc watched two days before on the 12th!! :D

all thanks Advertlets for the special screening,
and not forgetting to leonard for the tickets :)

the wonderful bf took a half-day's leave just to accompany me for this premiere. fetched me from lotsa manual labour (coffee bean), took close to an hour (or more) for me to get ready, and off we went!

our movie date kicked off with quite an amusing sight.
note below:
look pass the bf's peace sign.
tadda!! anwar-fanatic behind.

seriously, in my humble opinion, however deeply in love i am with any person or icon, i will NOT hang a pic of his/her face on my car like that. i mean, it looks ridiculous and totally makes anwar look comical :/

what do bored gfs do when their bfs are driving?
sigh so predictable. camho! :D

it has become such a ritual that even the bf knows when to pose for the camera without me having to give the que ;)
on the road again.

one of his many attempts to make me feel better by showing that he's much fatter than me and therefore i'm not. attempt 1025638: failed.

i'll feel fat no matter what. unless i really get my Emerge 2007 skinny figure back,
then i'll shut up and be content :)

my hair looked exceptionally nice that day.
good hair day signifies a good day ahead! :D
below: the bf in serious mode.

he looked so focused.
me thinks the pursed lips is very cute :D

me thinks he looked very yeng in this pic too. *pats eyelids* ;)

he tends to do that when there are a lot of cars on the road,
or when he encounters stupid drivers.

or when he used to teach me addmaths for SPM some years ago. he'll have this very serious and focused look on his face which i find so charming. i always like smart guys.

and since we were pretty early, boon & i decided to grab a light dinner right in Cineleisure itself, as in the cinema itself. i forgot the name of the shop, but it's some tiny waffle/smoothie house which served very very nice food :)
fatty foods are always nice. *big, long sigh*

after getting my maximum utility,
we met up with the rest, lined up to get out tickets and some complimentary Angels & Demons temporary tattoos thingies (which i haven't had time to play with yet), and some Krispy Kreme donoughts! :)ellie: "i feel stupid."
but we have gotta agree that she did make the donoughts taste sweeter ;)

meet sam- leonard's coursemate and another funny guy.
note me and boon behind. omgomgomg this is embarrassing + funny + sweet.

i seriously went there as a blank piece of paper.
i haven't read any of Dan Brown's books nor watched any of the movies based on his writings (The Da Vinci Code).

the reasons being:
#1: i have no time.
#2: i have/had no interest.
#3: it's just not my cup of tea. a lil similar to reason #2 but anyways....

for the bf, it's the total opposite.
he read ALL of Dan Brown's books and watched the movie.
that's why he was highly anticipating this movie to be out.

i remember boon telling me how awesome and chi-khek this book was a few years back. and how fast he finished reading this book in just a matter of days..considering he's not much of the reader type.

while he went into the cinema with some foreknowledge and expectations,
me on the other hand went in totally blank and with no expectations..not knowing what the earth, fire, water, air and illuminati means. hehe.

Angels & Demons.
BM subtitle for the movie title: Antara Malaikat dan Jin.

direct translation from the BM subtitle: Between Angels & Demons. (??)
manalah betul wor, bang??
doesn't make sense ma...

before our handphones/cameras/ipods/iphones/video cams/etc got confiscated by the entrance, as usual, photo-taking activities will take their rightful places :)

Caren- someone i met along the way.

sebastian- leonard's coursemate & ellie- the famous missycheerio.

sebastian, ellie, me, sam.

personal rating for the movie:

though admittedly a helpless romantic who loves all the chic lit books and movies, one who prefers romance over horror, drama over thriller, and comedy over action, i found myself enjoying every bit of the movie..though it is not my conventional pick for a movie.

watching the movie as blank as a piece of white-washed paper, the movie managed to get me glued to my seat throughout, and not forgetting sent my emotions and heartbeats faster and going uphill the whole time.

for the movie summary and trailer, click here.

i have always been kinda faint-hearted, and even thriller movies like Angels & Demons could send chills down my spine and make me cringe.

knowing consciously that the 4 cardinals (maybe 3) would be murdered somehow made me anticipating yet afraid to watch how they will be creatively, or should i say, twistedly murdered by the Illuminati.

it's scary to know (okay i know this is a fiction but it happens in real life too) how twisted and cold-blooded people can be when they're seeking revenge. the sad thing is i actually find the Illuminati guy rather good-looking, just like any other good-looking ang-mohs waking down the streets of New York.

he didn't look scary and all evil like Silas of The Da Vinci Code.
okay i didn't watch it but i know who Silas is la. haha!

all in all, this movie made a turning point in my life (wah....~)
the way the movie portrayed the modern Rome and Vatican really changed my mindset of them.

i remembered paricularly how the priests/cardinals/i'm not sure what they're called surrendered their phones, ipods and ciggies before being locked up for 14 days for their discussion. haha amusing~

and besides that, i have changed from watching all the girly and funny movies to this amazing thriller, and for the first time, i loved it. i was totally captured and glued to it. it was a non-stop action-suspence-packed movie that everyone will love. the movie didn't even feel long at all..though it was about 2 hour 15 mins if i'm not mistaken.

i shall just sum it up as brilliance :)

after the movie, we got back our gadgets and there,
the phototaking starts all over again.

my favourite Cheryl Lee came too! :)

changed sides! :P
ellie & i.changed sides!
and of course, the man behind Adverlets- Josh Lim :)
take two: Josh changed sides!
thanks Josh for the tickets and all :)

there were so many people who attended the special screening,
and guess who else was there?

fyi, she's an Advertlets blogger as well ;)

she looks just as beautiful and sophisticated in life...... :)
ahhhhh i love Daphne Iking...... *starstruck*

and of course, the person who made all these possible and happy and fun,
the world's best bf NG BOON HOCK :)
i love you :)

group pics below:

pictures credit to:
1) the best bf in the world belongs to me, mE, ME!- boon :)
2) taken by eu gene.
3) also taken by eu gene.

thanks, thanks and thanks to all i met who made this special screening exceptionally fun :)

for the first time, i actually watched a movie earlier than the majority. haha! it felt superb! :D

okay i sound like a kid but i don't care.

off to bed! wheeee~
love, careen.

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