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Monday, April 20, 2009

vangel turned one :)

vangel as in evangeline.
hahah was a nick given by loveen. she thinks of the most random things..haha.

yes! she turned a year old few days ago on the 15th. growing faster and smarter by the day. really will miss out all the baby's first steps and antics if we get too busy to be around her :')

found some old pictures taken by my good ol 2mp phone ;)

this was the night before mummy went to the hospital to give birth to Evan.
mum was packing all the mummy & baby clothes, while the two excited sisters-to-be were running through the baby clothes and caps, etc.

these were almost exactly one year ago :)

Charity excited to be jie-jie :)
Melody was also excited to be another jie-jie to a mei-mei :)
she was wearing one of those stretchable clothes,
and was amused by how she could fit into such a small baju.

her hair back then was so cute!

like, omg. nobody taught her, mind you. definitely not me!

we just asked her to pose with the top, and there she went..
i think she's a born natural poser..look at all the angles and positioning of the legs and stuff!

so cute. old photos bring back so many memories :)

the following day around 10something in the morning,
we went to the hosp to see our mummy and new sibling :)

happy & excited sisters.

and ta-da! the first pic taken of our baby sister, evangeline :)

fats!!! overwhelmingly cute :')

look at the proportion of the fat cheeks and face.
the cheeks take up 50% of the face surface.

excited onlookers :)

evangeline's first boy friend. who was much smaller in size!

this has got to be my favourite pic of her newborn collection.
justifies perfectly what i mean by fat cheeks!!

she was sleeping :)

she is an amazing baby.
the moment she was being given birth, pushed out of the labour room in her trolley into the ward, her eyes were already opened.

not only that,
she could turn her head slowly from left to right to see what's going on around her.
obviously the noise we were making la. hahah amazing really smart baby sis :)

my daddy's hand patting :)

and then she grew.

one month and two weeks old.

one month and a half :)

three months old :)
she had chicken pox at that time..and that's when we called her lyn-pox! :P
they always do that :)
and then she became...
...four months old :)

five months old :)

six months old :)

she could do lots of stunts.
eg: turning her pacifier back to the normal position when we purposely put up side down, and sticking a stainless steel spoon onto her nose (charity could do it first)!

then, she became a year older, a year cuter, and a year cheekier!

of all places :/

the three sisters.
they make home a much better, livelier and beautiful place :)

evan's birthday cake-cutting!hence, the dirty mouth.
hehe and look at those lashes! beautiful :)
and while i was uploading pics for this post, she had been crawling around the house, crawling up to my lap to see what i'm doin, cringe and geram at her own pics, lie around the floor, etc.

she's my princess... :)

happy birthday, evangeline :)

wish i could take more pics of her now. camera's with Glad in NS :/
that explains some of the blurrer pics.

i want my camera...

note the pic on the wall.
my Streets of Tokyo Harajuku Competition's preliminary round :)

will post on Easter soon.
once i have too much time in my hands ;)

my beautiful pastor's wife & i.

Anthony Chang.

some of the casts, crews, props teams with pastor & esther.

i *heart* my church :)

i also *heart* you.
had an amazing date last night..
miss & love you :)
love, careen.


  1. some really awesome family u have there xD so many siblings... do take care though since u're the big sister to them =)

  2. it's been some time since I "popped" by, been handful with my little one also. So fancinated by the growing pictures of your young sister. I shall put up a compilation of him when he reach 1 years old. Currently only placing up "shots" of the Month of him. Anywhere, stay smiley and healthy!

  3. [joshuaongys] yeah..not easy!!! ahahaha but they're really good sisters..they bring a lot of joy :) thanks bro..

    [sdtuner] wow didnt know u still visit my blog since i left vox! haha and yeah, you should post up more pics of your cute son :)

  4. U and ur sis's are sooooooooooooooooooooooo CCCUUUUTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Evangeline!! :)


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