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Saturday, April 25, 2009

hottttt but productive lah

my fav pic of the ImagoDei collection.

there was no special lighting effect or anything of that sort,
yet, in turned out nice. Martin is really some photographer :)
i like how i looked :) though my waist is actually much smaller now.
due to the amount of crunches i do! *urgh hard work pays*


just came back from dinner with Regina, Charissa and Loveen.
when four crazy chicks decide to go for dinner in Pyramid, a few problems will occur.

#1: Incredible indecisiveness

we had to decide for SO long just what to have for dinner!
thanks for Charissa for helping cross out western food, then Regina to cross out Jap & Korean food out of the huge variety of Eastern food.
we ended up having Hongkie food in Kim Gary hahahahaha :P

#2: Absence of stillness

when two crazy girls get into the car of two crazy girls, you can be sure that there will not be a moment of silence. we practically talked and talked and talked from the time we were in the car, on the way, while walking to our destination, while ordering foods, while waiting for foods, while eating foods, while finishing foods, etc....

3#: Poor girls with squinted eyes

when we come across waiters with weird looking name tags which people have to squint their eyes to actually read, you'll get two girls laughing while two girls squinting hard to figure out their names though it is not like we'll call out their names but it's okay. we just don't see the sense of wearing name tags but unable people to see them. Jeff, Raymond, Hoe, Jerry/Henry/Lerry/Gerry!! (Regina's stalker or stalkee. either one. hahaha!!)

#4: A completed customer feedback form

long story short,
we helped another person to complete her customer feedback form la :D

#5: Non-stop laughing

somehow, the more we get together, the happier we'll be.
somehow, whatever we do, it'll turn out funny and we'll turn out laughing like there's no tomorrow. somehow la :)

#6: We'll realise even more that man, the world really is small lah!

we actually know so many people in common! guess we were somehow related in our huge circle of friends. and i guess when you study in Subang, it won't be surprising to know many many people in common! Considering how small Subang is.

AND, the really sweet girl whom i ordered my online shopping stuff from is actually one of Reg's close friends in coll! i made plans to meet with her there so that she can pass me my stuff, and after i went out and got my stuff from her, Reg saw the boutique card and recognised immediately that it's owned by her friend whom she just went clubbing with the night before.

again i'll say, what a small world we live in!!!!

all in all, had a really nice time hanging out and getting to know each other better. we should do it more often ya! we should maybe have like, our CG girl outing day or something..since our CG got sooo many girls..and not to mention, all leng lui apparently! ;)


hmmm...on another note, me wondering what the bf is doing now. he's been in this induction programme thing, and apparently they offer really fun stuff and activities. like tonight, they're supposed to go to a real camping site, set up their own tents and territory.

and it doesnt stop there. there'll be disturbances and 'enemies' (who are the organizers) who'll kacau and create trouble and havoc for them in the camp at night. so they have to like, protect their respective campsites and other team members or something. seems like some computer game in reality right? :P

time to shower then sleep. the weather was hot like mad today and it's irritating.
thank God all things went well and had a really fruitful & productive day :)


careen-quote of the night: every girl hates to borrow their stuff to other girls.

love, careen.


  1. #1: Incredible indecisiveness
    Does that apply to shopping as well? You definitely won't want me along then- took me 3 years to find a pair of shoes I liked (lied to myself there too), haha:3

  2. hahah sometimes! but sometimes we dont get too indecisive too. we can be quite quick to scan, pick and buy in a very very short span of time :D


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