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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my baby reads my blog from Bangi :D

one of my favourite pics.
my hair was so long and straight and beautiful... *dreamy + a bit emo*

and look at those black plastic bags under my eyessss! yours truly lacked sleep then.
but then again, if i thoroughly remove my eye bags, i'll look differently already. i like how i look. so, maybe the bags can stay ;)

reg and i made an impromptu decision to lunch out today.
we wanted to have Agefuku's buffet lunch thingy which my aunt pesterred me to go so much (quite long ago though), and all of a sudden remembered that place. so there was where we headed.

but surprise surprise....the buffet promo thingy was long over already.
good things do come to an end! at least good deals. hehe. so the next best alternative to Jap food is....Korean food! :D

while wandering around in the ever congested Taipan looking for parking space,
reg and i saw this very sophisticated, black truck parked right in front of Mcds. when we looked closer we realised that it was some Lancome Mascara Promo thing.

before we even got out of the car, there was already some Lancome guy signaling us to head to that truck. apparently for some free stuff as always. hahah. girls love free stuff ;) so we went...after i bought my guavas. ahahhahaah..

the truck was so cool! didn't think of taking a pic of it until we almost finished our meal in Han Woo Ri, which was already too late. haha. the exterior as well as the interior was really nice. they were promoting this famous automated vibrating mascara thing, and we were asked to try it. so we did!
reg, who went after me.
it was not bad la. to me, it is just like any other's just that it can vibrate only that's all. haha! its promo price was rm120, which comes with a free makeover. and noooo i was not lured by's not like a need a makeover. okay maybe i do need, but i don't want if i'm ugly then don't look lo....

okay i'm sulking for nothing. hahaha!

i was wondering if they have like, refills of the mascara or something. if they do, i might give a thought to buying it. because after you spend so much on the mascara and then after a while finished it, what are you gonna do with it? throw away?

it's such a waste cos the vibrator still can work if we change its batt. but what's the use if we change the batt but got no mascara right? maybe can use to dig nose or ears or anywhere else you like la.

while reg was doing her mascara thing, i was exploring the truck with my camera phone. hehe. look the all the products all over..i think they really paraded all Lancome's products or somethin.

a very good example of 'while reg was doing her mascara...' (look behind). haha!

just one corner of the truck. kewl~

27 APRIL 2009, SUBANG JAYA- Two happy girls who were heading for lunch in Han Woo Ri randomly bumped into this black lancome truck, and were lured by its sophistication and their very own sampatnesss and curiosity. As a result, the girls got themselves a mascara-ed pair of lashes, free eye-brow trimming vouchers by Lancome and a mini Lancome mascara. The girls walked away feeling pretty pleased because not only their curiousity were killed, but they also managed to get what every girl would like- free gifts.

The end.
-Reported by Careen.

the end
love, careen.


  1. You look Awwwwwwwwesome Careen !

  2. Heyy...your hair 'was so long straight and beautiful'? how about now?

    great pics girl. looking great as always!

  3. leonard: thanks leonard :)

    evo: now? hmm it's not so long anymore. slightly shorter. maybe a few inches. hahah a bit layered. definitely more stylish but not so innocent and plain anymore! i miss my innocence! as in hair innocence..hehehe thanks btw :)


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