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Saturday, April 4, 2009

mighty morphin power rangers!

long post ahead.

so i was saying about this me-morphed thing.
some totally didn't get me, while some thought i changed sex.
hahaha funny, shawn! :P

nope, i have just simply been spending my free time morphing myself
with some celebrities (or non celebrities) into a new morph-thing :)

we'll start of with the chicks ;)

me + lindsay lohan= cindsay tohan

me + hillary duff= cillary tuff

me + whoopi goldberg = choopi toldberg

me + vanessa hudgens = canessa tudgens

me + tyra banks = cyra tanks

me + sophia bush = cophia tush

me + shu qi= chu ti (haha)

me + scarlett johanson = ccarlett tohanson.

me + jennifer love hewitt= ceniffer love tewitt

me + sarah michelle gellar = carah michelle tellar

me + ashley tinsdale= cashley tinsdale

me + renee zellweger = cenee tellweger

me + hayden panetierre =cayden tanetierre

me + resse whitherspoon = cesse titherspoon

me + devon aoki = cevon toki

me + rachel mcadams = cachel tcadams

me + queen latifah = queen careen (i like the word 'queen') :P

me + pink = cink

me + pamela anderson = camela tanderson

me + oprah winfrey = coprah tinfrey

me + nicole kidman = cicole tidman

me + monica bellucci = conica tellucci

me + mona lisa = cona tisa ;)

me + marilyn monroe = carilyn tonroe (woohoo)

me + leighton meester = ceighton teester

me + lara croft = cara troft (the new superheroin!)

me + kristin kreuk = cristin treuk

me + kirsten dunst = cirsten tunst

me + giselle bundchen = ciselle tundchen

me + kate moss = cate toss (woooot!)

me + kate bossworth = cate tossworth (woooot! x2)

me + jennifer lopez = ceniffer topez

me + jk rowling = ck towling (author of Carry Torter)

me + amy winehouse = camy tinehouse

me + jessica alba = cessica talba

me + agyness deyn = cagyness teyn

me + fergie = cergie

me + avril lavigne = cavril tavigne

me + ayumi hamasaki = cayumi tamasaki

now the Becks!

the Tecks! ;)

me + hugh grant = cugh trant

me + marilyn manson = still marilyn manson :/

me + korean heartrob Won Bin = con tin (haha)

me + Jap hearthrob Takashi Kaneshiro = Cakashi Taneshiro ;)))

me + Hitler = a younger Hitler

me + george bush = ceorge tush

me + barack obama = carack tobama! :D

me + the late Heath Ledger = a pale Heath Ledger *shivers*

me + yoda = cota (baybeh!)

me + jared leto = cared teto (so cuteeeeeee)

me + yummy GG villian ed westwick = ced testwick *faints big time*
me + brad pitt = crad titt (?)

me + mr bean = mrs bean (ewwwwww)

me + ashton hot to the max kutcher = cashton tutcher *blink wink* ;))

me + arnold schwarzenegger = carnold tarzenegger

me + albert einstein = calbert teinstein

me + robert *faints* pattinson = cobert tattinson

me + zac efron = a gayer zac efron named cac tefron (too pretty)

after sooooo many faces you've seen, which is your favourite morph-thing? :)

p/s: now that you know, guess who the moprh-thing is in the previous post?
p/p/s: go to wwwdotmorphthingdotcom for some powerful morphing session fun ;)
love, careen.


  1. I like tyra banks one! And Scarlett Johanson one!

  2. You know, you don't change much from the ''amy winehose''. Or should i say ''camy tinehouse''. Hahaha... =p

  3. Ooo~ looks fun!
    Thought you used photoshop until I read the last few lines^^;;

  4. [clementcg] too! tyra banks wan is my favourite :)

    [loveen] shut up! :P

    [aprilius20] hahhaha yeah. u should try it too ;)

  5. OMG you + Heath Ledger = Ryan Phillipe


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