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Saturday, April 18, 2009

lazy people should be punished!

it's not like i totally don't have the time.

i do, like, now. right now at this moment.

but i just don't.
i would rather just do online shopping, blog hopping, FB-ing, youtube-ing,
and just NOT blog.

i don't even edit my photos anymore.
i don't care if you think my eyes cacat, nose cacat, mouth cacat,
face pimply/cacat/wrinkley,
i just don't care.

why why why?
the ONLY reason i can think of is that
i'm a freaking LAZY blogger!

you all still wanna read my blog meh? sigh.

p/s: i think now officially my stats would be consistently '1' daily. which is me.

love, careen.


  1. 3 here 3 here.

    Im your Biggest Fan Careen. I want your autograph, I want to take picture with u.. I want... errr sorry cant think of anymore bullshits. *laugh*

    See u around soon.

  2. josh lim: awww....what a pleasant surprise! :)

    leonard: erm okay...hahaha awww leonard you're so sweet :P


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