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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gladys is coming back tomorrow woootss~~~!!

for those of you who think that i'm being over-excited i'll smack you!
it's been weeks since i last saw (and bullied) my baby sister (well, not sooooo baby),
and there is NO such thing as over-reacting, can???

somemore my baby dear will be coming back from Bali with his family tomorrow night too.
somemore i'll be having an off day from work (dance excluded) tomorrow too.

will i be a happy girl tomorrow or a SUPER HAPPY GIRL??? :D


on an extremely serious note.

i think i'm starting to miss my straight straight long long hair?

i mean, with a hair like this i should be extremely grateful and happy and feeling-totally-hot-and-awesome and all. i mean like, lex cut wan okay ;)

but then again, my that straight straight hair was cut by him also la. so....hehehehe.
my hair used to be like real straight by nature and length too. (below)

caught in the favourite act- eat eat eat!
see my hair used to be so flowy...

the now-hair.

now it is layered and more shapely.
i love it. but i miss my old straight-straight hair.

am i annoying or what?????!

i'm also contemplating whether to dye my hair or not.
some challenged me to dye and experiment with diff things in life.
while some told me to maintain my priceless pure black hair as it suits me best. and one of them is my baby dear.

dilemma dilemma. how?? omgod life is tough.
i'm itching to try new things with myself but at the same time scared that it'll turn out bad and not 'careen' anymore you get what i mean?

omgod i'm feeling sooo irritating today.

am i super annoying or what???!

i think this is a great way to lose my readers and cause my readership and stats to go down the drain. whheeeeeee.....

speaking of missing, i miss.....

the three musketeers. ok i don't miss myself.
so that means i miss the two musketeers :)

okay now plus gladys, i miss the three musketeers.

miss being sampat with them.
there is a diff between being sampat alone and being sampat in a group.
but i'm also used to being sampat alone edi la so i also dunno what i'm talking about actually.

last but not least, i miss my baby dear who's rubbing sand in his toes, sun-tanning and kap-ping all the bikini beach babes in Bali right now.


colin farrell + careen tan

= an even hotter guy named Colin Tarrell.

Forget Colin Farrrell already man!!
omgod i'm head-over-heels Colin Tarrrell.

p/s: i think i'm really feeling very sampat today. not forgetting irritating and annoying also.
p/p/s: sowwie for being irritating & annoying. i pwomise i'll change :(
love, careen.


  1. lol, I scrolled down too fast and thought Gladys was coming back from Bali^^;

    But eh, so soon? That even possible? It hasn't even been a month yet...

  2. haha yeah..she specially requested to come back for easter :)


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