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Sunday, April 26, 2009

bf sailed home :)

omgod i was singing Leona Lewis' Better in Time, and suddenly Loveen switches to some drama channel and that exact song is playing. Not only that, the song is at right where i'm singing exactly!! Scary or not??? :/


a few days ago bf and i caught a rather big fight.
regardless of that, the ever loving Ng Boon Hock still decided to make a long trip all the way back just to see me. though it was just for a while :')

the past few days had been really tough for him. not only did our fight cause the both of us to be quite emotionally disturbed, he still had this induction programme to attend day in day out. according to him, it was just like Asia Conference! means tiring and not much sleep acquired.

and just yesterday night, they were to do this obstacle course cum jungle trekking cum camping activity. which caused him a few bruises here and there, plus 2 hours of sleep after such a long day..and that's no thanks to my ever helpful bf helping the other team to set up their tents. apparently not everybody got to camp out in tents, but just the girls. which means, my bf slept on the green green grass of Bangi yesterday :/

and today after his morning session, while all his other peers took the opportunity to catch some precious sleep, my darling bf took his car and travelled a long way back just to see me :')

the bf who approached me while i was having lunch with cg members at Rock Cafe was slightly bruised, very sun-burned, and very very sleepy. but i noticed that though he was happy to be back and was enjoying himself, he had been struggling to keep his eyes open. hehe i find that rather cute..and not to mention touching :')

so since time didn't allow us to be adventurous and travel far, we settled for Pyramid (again). and as usual, when you're in Pyramid, you'll bump into familiar faces. especially church is just so nearby..we met James cousin-in-law, Eldy, Sarah Poh and family, Boon's friend (i dunno who, i was busy shopping for Gladys' dress for DASH. haha!), my long-long-time tuition friend and her infamous friend, etc etc etc..

anyway that's not the point.
bf was feeling generous and was insistent that he should feed me with something expensive. we both wanted ice-cream badly due to the really annoying hottttt weather even in Pyramid itself (??), boon suggested places HaagenDazs and i just don't know why i don't have a special strong urge to even try it though many said it's nice. i just think it's too expensive for just ice-cream. so anyway, in the end we settled for New Zealand Natural :)

it's been a while since i camhoed using my cam phone. hence, the blur pic.

...and also the cut-off eyes of boon.

i wasn't in the mood to do funny face :P

wheeeeee! perfect shot :D

and while we were camhoing, cuddling, and mushy-mushy at the couch,
all of a sudden some stranger pak cik just came over and sat right in front of us, like, ?????? and later on his daughter/grandaughter came and just sat right in front of us.

like, hello?? it's our seat! our table! our space, uncle!!
i was like hinting hinting to boon who was happily snacking on his donut and appeared to be totally oblivious and fine about it.

he told me, "aiyah, as long as he's not uncomfortable about it, then that's his problem." i replied, " i am the one who feels totally weird and uncomfortable!"

the pakcik just came and sat in front of us. like we're seemingly invisible. how ignorant!
some more we (okay, me) were so in the mood to camho all..he sit in front how to camho naturally? some more he was looking wor. looking!!! sigh. you may think i'm over-reacting but noooo, if you're in my shoes you'll feel freaking awkward too, friends!!!! :/

but the awkward and disturbed feeling lasted until the waitress passed a cup of milkshake to the daughter/grandaughter, and the baby girl started to sip on it happily. that was when i realised, maybe they really needed a seat. maybe it was their rare decent father-daughter outing together. because the pakcik was very amused by people ice-skating below and the girl just looked purely satisfied and pleased with the simple cup of milkshake.

i didn't and still don't know what their story is, but my mindset was just changed and shortly after, boon and i just left to give them some space. hahah!

managed to get my vaseline, moisturizer and Gladys' dress for DASH.
also, happy news- my pay came in liao! :)
not to say a lot but yay! at least can start fulfilling WarChest fund :)

am just touched and happy and moved that my baby would sacrifice his sleep just to hang out with me..which i turned out buying stuff instead. he's so forgiving and loving. hehe i love you can i find another better than you? :) *muax*

yours truly was also very much in a mood to camho.
camera with Gladys in NS, so camhoing was done using my good ol faithful 2mp camera phone. haha ;)

just some of the many photos ;)

can't wait for Jap lunch tmr!
gotta go nurse my helpless eye bags.
wan an goodnight

careen-quote of the day: absence makes the heart fonder; presence after absence makes the bond stonger :)
love, careen.


  1. Heyyya careenreenreen! wah so long post can. nice self pics at the end..ur camho practise until damn geng liao haha..

    Will u b going for the advertlets' genting event this weekend?

  2. hey evo! thanks for the err...compliment? hehe.

    hmmm what advertlet's genting event? :)


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