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Friday, March 20, 2009

weird customers make my day

there are weird people that we come across in our lifetime.
some encounter them once in a blue moon due to the life they have,
while some come across weird people all the me.

well, my guess is that weird people attract weird people la. hahah.

anyway, there is a reason why i said all that.
the number of weird people i encounter in my life really shot up a lot since the day i work as a barista. you guys would have known the weird encounters with the 'Old man who wants Coffee Bean coffee' story, and guess what, there are plenty more!

my manager just shared a few stories of weird customers today and it really made me laugh so sorta made my day. hahaha!! some people are just hilarious..and very ridiculous!

example 1 :

manager: hi sir, welcome to Coffee Bean!
customer: erm hi, give me a non-coffee ice blended.
manager: oh, we have pure chocolate, pure vanilla, sunrise, malibu dream and berry'd treasure. which would you like to have, sir?
customer: give me a sunshine please.
manager: (???) O.O

example 2:

two ladies ordered two single espressos and just sat down outside the outlet after ordering. so after a while of not collecting their drinks, i was asked to send the drinks to them.

me: hi! here are your orders!
ladies: huh?? we ordered espresso lah..not this one!
me: erm, these are espressos.
ladies: huh?? are you sure or not?? why soooo small?
me: erm because it's espresso?
ladies: huh espresso so small wan ar? why your espresso like that?
me: -
ladies: and why our espresso so cold already ah? why your coffee like that??
me: it's because it was left there for very long and you didn't pick your order up. that's why it's cooled down already.
ladies: aih ok lah ok lah...bring me some milk ar girl.
me: oh okay. *went and pour some fresh milk from the milk/straws/sugar counter and got back to them*
ladies: er hello? why you give us cold milk ar? no wonder our espresso cold wan la! (they havent even poured the milk into their drinks and espresso has got no milk, honey!!!)
me: you didn't ask for hot milk, miss.
ladies: but it's common sense right? coffee of course use hot milk right??
me: yes, but every other customers pour cold fresh milk from the counter into their coffees all the time. you didn't specify, so i just took the milk from which everybody else takes from. it is okay to use cold milk for coffee. plus, i thought you may wanna have cold milk just like that. so i just poured straight from the counter.
ladies: so how now? you tell me how?
me: *looks at them. knowing that they expected me to change a new drink for them*
ladies: *i got no response for them* aiya aiya nevermind la!
me: *continue working*


example 3:

Coffee Bean is most known for its Mocha Ice Blendeds. and so many customers come in thinking that they know-it-all.

manager: hi sir, what would you like to have?
customer: erm, give me one mocha (pronounced as mo-chaa) ice blended.
manager: huh? you mean mocha ice blended is it?
customer: no, it's mo-cha ice blended.
manager: *speechless* okay okay.

example 4:

a worse version of mocha ice blended customers.

manager: hi sir, how may i help you?
customer: give me one macho ice blended, please.
manager: *faints*

example 5:

remember the 'old man wants coffee bean coffee' old man? this is his encounter with my lady boss.

manager: hi sir.
old man: i want one coffee bean.
manager: you mean you want coffee is it?
old man: no...i want one coffee bean......
manager: oh, you want retail coffee beans is it? we have viennesse, house blend, etc etc..
old man: don't understand ar?? i want one coffee bean.......
manager: one coffee bean?
old man: yessss...why you don't understand wan??
manager: *walks away and comes back with one biji of coffee bean* is this what you want, sir?
old man: huh? nooo..........why you give me this? i want one coffee bean lah.......
manager: O.O"

omg omg omg....*laughs!!!!!!*

after my manager told me all those weird stories i kept laughing to myself the entire day. thank God for weird people like these....


  1. omg! 'sunrise' plss... *lol

  2. LOL macho ice blended! it's alright..u get to meet all types of people in ur position kekke.thanks for sharing!

    which cb are u in anyway?

  3. baldwin: it's sunshine ice blended, baldwin! hahhaha!! :P

    evo: yeah! macho ice blendeds works just like tongkat ali..hahah!! :P
    i'm in the taipan outlet :)


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